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How Video Communications Help in the Workplace

Are you using video in your internal communication efforts? Or have you decided that it is a lot of time and effort, and you can’t justify the resources, and relegated it to the “too hard” basket?

Video alerts for employee engagement


In many organizations, video is also overlooked because workplaces prefer traditional methods of internal communication such as newsletters, emails and intranet sites. This is a culture that has been reinforced as the “usual” way of doing things over the past few decades.

A report from Ragan Communications found 72 per cent of internal communications teams in the USA were planning on using video to communicate with their employees. The respondents identified the following top reasons for incorporating video:

  • 76 per cent said it improved communication with remote employees
  • 58 per cent said it increased the alignment with company and organizational goals
  • 44 per cent said their employees were more engaged with senior executives
  • 42 per cent said it increased attendance and participation; and
  • 39 per cent said it improved message retention

It might be time to reconsider video for the positive effects it can have on boosting your employee engagement and improving internal communications overall.

The saying that "content is King" is true in the modern workplace, and video is one of the best ways of producing fresh and relevant content for your employees to keep them informed.

Video enables you to communicate more quickly and effectively and get your point across in less time than it would take by delivering pages and pages of content.

Many people are better at retaining information when they are presented it in this format, rather than by reading it. It’s also easy for pre-recorded information to be shared and accessed again over and over.

When you work in an organization with many employees and you have geographically diverse offices, video is a great way to keep all your employees informed at the same time via webcasts, webinars, videoconferencing and video meetings.

Not only is it effective for top-down communication from your executive team, it’s a great tool for peer-to-peer communication and lets employees collaborate more effectively together than they could do over email.

When you use DeskAlerts as an internal communication solution in your organization, it makes it even easier to deliver video content to your employees, no matter where they are located in the world.

DeskAlerts lets you send pop-up notifications straight to your employees’ desktop screens that can’t be ignored or skipped. You can embed video in these pop-ups, making it an effective broadcast system. Or you can send hyperlinks to video content on social media channels such as YouTube or Vimeo.

You can schedule your messages in advance, or send specific videos to custom audiences. And with DeskAlerts’ metrics function you can easily determine which of your employees have received and engaged with your video alerts.

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