Internal Communication Channels Are Key to Running a Successful Business

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 5:15:58 PM

While achieving business success can be very challenging and taxing, it is not altogether impossible. The Internet is teeming with tips about how to succeed in business: being organized, understanding business risks, being innovative, providing excellent service, keeping up with the times. All these are sound advice, but there is one basic yet overlooked requirement to achieve success: improving communication.

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Why Invest in Internal Communication Channels?

Effective communication is critical to any business, be it a small start-up or a huge corporation known worldwide, regardless of the market or the industry. No matter how well-funded or sophisticated a company is, no matter how good its product or service offerings are, it will not achieve long-term success without proper communication. While it is true that a successful company has professionals at all levels of the organization, their expertise will fall short if it not directed toward a common goal.

The success of a business is dependent on how the company is run. To run efficiently, an organization needs a clear line of communication between and among management and staff across different departments and levels. At the most basic, communication is needed for:

Managers to inform staff about company policies and work deliverables.
Employees to interact with each other and meet deliverables given to them.
No matter how intelligent or successful the managers are, or how clear their vision for the company is, the business will not reach success if the management is not able to communicate this vision to everyone in the organization. Even if the staffs are all experts that perform exceptionally well on their own, they might not be able to contribute to the growth of the business if they do not work hand-in-hand with their superiors and their peers. It is not difficult to see how a promising company can fail without proper and effective communication.

A company suffering from miscommunication is easy to spot: workplace hostility, lack of cooperation, decreased employee morale and engagement, low productivity and missed deadlines, high turnover and loss of clients, among others. Therefore, improving communication should rank high in the list of priorities of every business.

What are Internal Communication Channels?

While communication undoubtedly is a very important component of business success, most organizations face challenges that hinder them from communicating effectively. In the fast-paced world of today where everyone seems to be bombarded by information fighting to get people’s attention, it is not uncommon for management to struggle not only for customers’, but also for their own employees’ attention.

More than ever, effective business communication has become elusive, especially now that organizations are adopting mobility as a part of their daily operations, with employees doing business transactions while on the go. While the main challenge can be attributed to cost, business communications also pain points that directly affect operations.

Keeping everyone in the organization connected. Mobility is a two-edged sword; while it has given employees more freedom and flexibility to accomplish their tasks, it has also made communication rather difficult. Travelling or telecommuting employees can be difficult to reach, compared to employees who stay in the office in front of their computers for the entirety of their shift.
Reconciling employees’ communication preferences. Both management and staff are composed of people who, naturally, have preferences about how they wish to communicate – to send and receive messages and information. More seasoned employees might prefer to communicate over the phone, while younger staff might be more responsive to emails and text messages.
Using traditional ways of communication. While the development of technology has done a lot in improving communication in the workplace through phones and email and chat capabilities, these traditional methods can be costly and difficult to maintain, especially if the systems are from different solutions providers.

How to Develop Internal Communication Channels Within an Organization?

Every business is different, with needs unique to the organization. While there is no single solution to the communication challenges that businesses face, improving communication is completely possible by fostering a listening culture in the workplace. However, active listening, having an open door policy and inculcating the culture in new employees are not enough. What every business – including yours – needs is a tool that would foster effective communication. You need DeskAlerts.

A multi-purpose corporate communications solution, DeskAlerts is a fully customizable system that uses multiple internal communication channels to ensure that you get your message across. Fast and easy to deploy, DeskAlerts serves not only as a notification system, but also as a system for effective internal communications and employee feedback.

Improving internal communications for your business need not be difficult and stressful. With DeskAlerts, you can deliver important messages, reduce inconvenience and frustration and improve your day-to-day operations.

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