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Digital Signage Software is an Excellent Way to Optimize Internal Communication

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 5:16:43 PM

Digital signage refers to any method used to broadcast multimedia content that is aimed to inform and persuade. Used initially in public places like retail outlets and train stations all over the world, it is now being leveraged by banks, schools, government offices, corporations and other institutions and industries for various specific purposes.

Use Digital Signage Software to:

  • Send images in different formats support. JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP image files, videos, flash.
  • Send multimedia content. Send video, flash, images and HTML.
  • Change and sequence your content for digital screens/message boards. Set time to display or switch to another message.

Use DeskAlerts Digital Signage Software to broadcast multimedia content.

Digital signage can be used in a number of ways – to welcome visitors, broadcast company event schedules, announce meetings and recognize model employees. The applications of digital signage are endless, which is why more and more organizations are turning to digital signage solutions to improve their communications, both internally and externally.

The Dynamic Signage: What’s the Buzz?

Displaying messages for public consumption is not a new concept. For decades, marketers and advertisers had been relying on billboards, show windows and in-store displays to attract customers to try new products and services. In a similar way, companies have been using bulletin boards, faxes, memos and emails to disseminate information to its employees. In the 1970s, the first dynamic signs were introduced as the in-store closed circuit television networks were developed. Combined with the affordability and availability of VCRs, retail outlets and corporations then were able to show pre-recorded content to their customers. As technology continued to improve, projection screens, video walls, CD/DVD playing capabilities and computerized methods were added to the mix. Through advancements in satellite distribution, broadcasting the same content to numerous sites became not only possible, but also affordable.

The recent years have seen the rise of many digital signage solutions providers offering powerfully compelling displays powered by new technologies responsible for large format displays like LCD panels and plasma screens, formats that allow for compression of large amounts of content into small file sizes and high speed Internet access that enable displaying the same content to thousands of sites at the same time.

Digital Signage Solutions: The Benefits

As a business owner, you need to foster effective internal communication in your organization. To communicate with your people, you need to gain their attention. However, it is very difficult to get through today, especially with the amount of information and channels that can easily overwhelm your intended recipients. How do you wade through this clutter of information?

Fortunately, DeskAlerts offers businesses an effective tool for gaining attention and disseminating important information: digital signage solutions which are composed of our Corporate Screensaver and Corporate Wallpaper products. Through these products, you can publish messages, announcements and other reminders on your employees’ computer screens, thereby making sure that they are aware of news and updates integral to the proper functioning of the organization. Since people have been conditioned to watch television and look at screens for information, digital signage is a perfect way to catch attention, ensuring that your message gets across.

Digital signage is better than the traditional methods of communication like emails, bulletin boards and printed materials because it is cheaper in the long run and more environment friendly, as it helps promote a paperless workplace. Because digital signage is cheaper, you can deliver urgent news and announcements real-time and ensure that the message is delivered to your intended recipients.

Practical Applications

Through content presented in a creative manner, digital signage is guaranteed not only to inform but also to engage its recipients. It can be used in almost any organization that needs to display content to a large audience, be it in a public or private environment. The following are only some of the practical uses of digital signage:

  • Schools can display announcements regarding upcoming activities, class schedules and other school functions.
  • Banks can educate its employees on products and services about to be launched through wallpapers and screensavers on their respective computers and can advertise current offerings to customers through a plasma screen or a television.
  • Corporate offices can motivate employees by recognizing individual and team achievements and displaying it for everyone in the organization to see. Digital signage also helps inform employees about company news, updated policies and other important announcements.
  • Manufacturing facilities can inform employees about company-sponsored events or news about the industry. They can also warn employees about security threats, burglaries, fires and other emergencies.

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