Internal Desktop Alert Systems Keep Employees Updated

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 5:19:18 PM

The desktop alert has become de rigeuer to keep sales employees updated on product launch. They provide real time reports and quizzes to monitor effectiveness.

A desktop alert system is essential for informing team members of new product launches and marketing campaigns. An internal communication system allows all members of a targeted group the ability to receive updates, as they are available to create a marketing strategy that is efficiently coordinated across the entire company. Senders can target specific sectors of a campaign with information they need without the necessity of reading through material that does not affect their performance. Management has the ability to see what areas recipients access via real time reporting, giving them the ability to ensure employees are responding to the information they receive. The capability to customize settings provides project coordination and reporting capabilities much easier than in the past. Users have found significant timesaving as well as increased productivity over the use of traditional email.

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Desktop Alert Notification Customizations

The desktop alert notification can be customized in a variety of styles and/or time delivery options. Popular choices include the following channel options designed to increase user interaction:

  • The traditional desktop alert, i.e., a rectangular box that senders can customize with color, links or video
  • Screen savers that are interactive, or flash through several "pages"
  • Company news feeds in a ticker box format

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  • Survey or quiz pop-ups designed to engage employees and ensure they have read the material.
  • Discussion forum areas formatted as live sessions with management or an area where employees can leave questions for managers or administrators to answer.

Influence Maximization Using the Desktop Alert

The desktop alert marketing tool will have an immense impact when used to increase the knowledge of employees and product awareness. Sales force teams are able to interact with product marketing teams to increase their understanding of how innovative new products operate and key in on features which have been newly introduced. The ability to connect sectors of internal workforce will create a sales team that is more effective and better equipped to perform their job.

Screen Saver Desktop Alert Notifications Increase Excitement

Expectations and excitement for new products under development or those about to launch will exponentially increase as employees receive screen saver desktop alert notifications. Include flashing animation in innovative methods to grab attention while reinforcing product awareness. Corporate Screensaver messaging internal communication tool

Employers are able to embed links within the desktop alert that employees can click to learn more about the product or campaign. Real time record keeping and tracking options allow employers to monitor the effectiveness of their notifications and test which are the most effective.

Proactive Marketing With the use of Desktop Alert Notifications

Develop a proactive campaign for marketing purposes with desktop alert communication. Combining more than one type of notification with persistent delivery will increase awareness in employees. They are able to access the information immediately within the company’s intranet system as well as follow outbound links from various manufacturers. The more information the sales force has about the product, the better equipped they are to make sales, and increase productivity. Easily communicate positive reinforcement techniques through these procedures.

Desktop Alert and Gamification

Employees often learn better by a “Gamification” technique used with a desktop alert system. This style of learning engages the user in a gaming style for increased interaction. Pop up quizzes and employee surveys are two methods used to incorporate this learning style within a desktop alert.

Target quizzes and surveys to different employee sectors within the company and deliver them on a routine schedule with redelivery options, or send them out at variable times to test employee awareness of products and campaigns. Recurrence options can be set to display incorrect or unfinished questions at regular intervals if desired. Employees can see what they answered correctly as well as their score. This interactive program ensures employees understand the products they are selling. Use this tool for other topics, like company policies. Desktop alert quizzes are an extremely valuable tool for employers and include reporting options. With this tool, employers are able to evaluate the effectiveness of their training programs.

Desktop Alert Launch Plans

Design and target a desktop alert launch plan to take an initial product idea from design to sales. The ability to target sectors of the company with the information they need, such as developing a marketing plan, then delivering the marketing campaign to sales, is one of the greatest benefits of a notification system. Deliver campaign launch materials followed by a quiz, then update and deliver to reinforce areas that employees may not have understood quickly and easily initially. A desktop alert system makes traditional email marketing campaigns nearly as obsolete as email did the traditional paper office memo.

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