Features of DeskAlerts for Internal Communication in International Company

Caroline Duncan - Oct 19, 2017 12:48:35 PM

Communicating with your employees when they are located in different countries can be difficult. You have language and cultural differences to navigate, as well as distance and different time zones.

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By committing to best practice internal communications in your global company, your organization will be more profitable and productive as a result of engaged employees.

A great tool to include in your internal communication efforts is DeskAlerts – an internal communications solution packed full of features that can help if you’ve got employees spread out around the globe.

Some of the key features of DeskAlerts that make it a great tool for the job include:

Pop-up alerts

DeskAlerts is a corporate notification system that is used to send messages straight to employees’ computer screens as a pop-up window that can’t be ignored, skipped or minimized. This is a great alternative to traditional communication channels such as email where messages can frequently get lost as a result of email overload.

No matter what apps or software your employees are using, even if their screen is locked or in screensaver mode, DeskAlerts pop-up alerts will always appear as the top item on their screens.


When you are communicating in different time zones you potentially have staff in different offices who keep different hours from one another. For example your head office might be 20 hours behind an office in another country. DeskAlerts will allow you to target groups of users and schedule messages so they appear at a desired time, in their local timezone.


DeskAlerts can be customized to match your corporate banding. This is great for ensuring you have a consistent look and feel to your communications, no matter where in the world your employees are viewing them. You are also able to make templates ahead of time to use when you need them.

Video alerts

Video is an effective way of communicating internally in organizations. By using DeskAlerts video alerts, you can send messages containing videos in a variety of formats. These are sent to recipients as desktop pop-ups, just like any other DeskAlerts messages.

Video is a great medium for internal communications when you have cultures that prefer face-to-face communication, but geography and distance mean they can’t always hear from senior management in person.

Desktop ticker

The DeskAlerts desktop ticker less intrusive and interruptive. This method of relaying messages involves a narrow window scrolling moving text at the bottom of employees’ computer screens. You can use the ticker to send news stories, updates, links to internal communications resources and more.

Corporate wallpaper and screensaver

Corporate wallpaper and screensavers are more passive communications tools enabling you to place key messages directly on employees’ computers. The messages will appear either as the background on their computers as wallpaper, or when they are in screensaver mode.

You can reinforce important company information this way as part of internal communications campaigns – no matter where in the world your employees are located, they’ll see the same messages.

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