How to Manage Change with DeskAlerts

Caroline Duncan - Oct 13, 2017 1:55:53 PM

Your organization’s survival depends on its ability to change over time and adapt to that change – you only need to look at all the examples of big companies that no longer exist because they didn’t keep up with the times and adapt to see why it is important.

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But for your staff, change can be painful and even upsetting. Fear of the unknown and a dislike of having to do things differently often drive resistance to change within organizations as well as how they perceive the changes are going to affect them and their jobs.

Good leadership will help you take your staff on the journey through the change management process, and one of the critical success elements is having good internal communications practices in place.

You will need to develop both a change management plan and an internal communications strategy to take your organization on the journey to change.

When developing your communications strategy, don’t overlook DeskAlerts as a highly effective communications channel to keep your staff informed and engaged.

Some of the aspects of DeskAlerts that make it a fantastic resource for communications during a change management process include:

Pop-up alerts: During the change management process, it is important to regularly communicate so everyone is on the same page. Unfortunately, email communications can be easily missed. DeskAlerts will allow you to send messages straight to your employees’ desktops so they receive your information in a way that cannot be missed, ignored or minimized.

Scheduling: DeskAlerts can be completely automated and scheduled in advance to be sent at a pre-determined time. This way you can time your announcements carefully.

Targeting: If you have messages that are appropriate for only certain individuals or teams, you can send just to those specific niche groups without sending to the entire organization. They will still be alerted in the same way.

Surveys, polls and quizzes: An important aspect of change management communications is having a two-way dialogue and getting feedback and input from staff. With DeskAlerts you can boost your staff engagement by carrying out various surveys, quizzes and polls and get instant feedback.

Measurement: DeskAlerts will allow you to easily see the metrics so you can determine the reach of your internal communications campaigns. This is a crucial aspect during a change communications campaign.

Video content: With DeskAlerts, you can send your employees embedded video files straight to their desk tops as well. You could utilize this when you work in a to show videos from your CEO and senior management outlining the change management process and allaying any fears or concerns that staff may have. This is a good way to communicate these sorts of sensitive topics particularly if you have staff working in different geographic locations and time zones who cannot easily attend an in-house presentation to staff at head office.

Corporate screensaver: A corporate screensaver will display key messages on the screens of your employees’ computers when it is in screensaver mode. This is a good way of reinforcing your messaging from your internal communications campaign – repetition is good for information retention.



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