The Best Internal Communication Systems to Use at Work

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 5:47:21 PM

When communication in the workplace is effective and employee-centric, staff members feel more inspired, more engaged and tend to be more productive. The tricky part is choosing the best internal communication system for your organization, which takes into consideration the culture of the company as well as the overall character of the workforce.

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There are tons of systems and technological tools you can opt for, and each one comes with its own pros and cons. Find one that fits your needs based on your audience, on the urgency of the message that needs to be sent out, as well as the timing.

Here are some of the best systems you can utilize in the workplace in order to improve communication, camaraderie and engagement:

1. Newsletters

Distributed either weekly, monthly or quarterly, newsletters feature news, updates and stories that relate to and are interesting to staff members. When integrated properly into a company’s internal communication system, newsletters can reach out to employees like no other platform of communication can. Not only do these tools inform and entertain, they give employees a sense of belonging, they boost employee morale and engagement.

The tricky bit about newsletters is actually developing content that employees would want to read. So this would mean that organizations have to make sure that content is simple and concise, that they aren’t propaganda for organizations to push their agenda on employees, and that topics revolve around things that are interesting to employees such as information on policies and events, commendations and interesting stories about the successes of their colleagues.

2. Email

The reason why email is probably the most utilized internal communication system in the workplace today is because of how simple and easy it is to use. In a matter of minutes, a person can draw up an email and instantly send the message to his or her intended recipient. Plus the great thing about email is that along with text, you can also send photos, videos, audio files and documents.

However, because email is so widely used, a lot of messages also tend to be disregarded. According to the email management service Baydin, the average used gets around 147 emails a day and deletes 48 percent of them. So, in order to make sure that your message gets read, you have to utilize other platforms along with email or have an agreed-upon template/subject line with your employees to make sure your message is prioritized.

3. Intranet

The intranet is a private portal employees of a particular organization wherein they can share ideas, read up on important information and news, and communicate with other staff members.

The fortunate thing about this internal communication system is that whatever is posted on it, stays on it versus email messages that can be deleted.

What’s good about the intranet can actually also be what’s bad about it – depending on how it is designed and managed. Because an intranet is only visited by employees on their convenience, a badly designed intranet will unlikely be visited on a regular basis. In order for the intranet to be considered effective and useful, it has to be user-friendly and must be able to provide the information employees require.

4. Digital Signage

While some companies might deem this internal communication system as a luxury, a digital signage can actually improve communication, further branding and enhance employee engagement. Placed in the right location, employees are exposed to the company brand while they are at work, which will, hypothetically, inculcate in them the purpose and values of the organization.

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