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IT Alert Management Software

Minimize business downtime and accelerate issue resolution by informing more than 1,000 people in 1 minute




Why is IT alerting crucial?

Downtime is expensive – it’s estimated that the average cost for a company is somewhere in the order of $5,600 to $9,000 a minute. So the quicker you can identify issues and let people know about them, the less impact there will be on your bottom line.

Communication is a key

Communication is important: by keeping employees informed, they’ll know what actions they can take during the incident to keep up productivity, meet goals and objectives and avoid mistakes.

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How DeskAlerts helps to reduce the negative impact of downtime

Spend less time on communications and more time on issue resolution – and keep your users happy in the process!


Inform affected users immediately via multiple channels

Alert management software can distribute important messages throughout your organization fast.

This enables the IT team to get on with the job of restoring systems so that things can get up and running and people can get back to work as quickly as possible.

In addition, IT alerting lets key members of staff learn about incidents and outages immediately so that they can begin working on a resolution.

This, combined with a fast way to communicate with employees and other stakeholders throughout the organization, ensures the process is transparent.

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Divert focus to problem solving for speedy resolution

When there’s an incident, the IT team is freed up to focus on the task a hand: resolving the issue. DeskAlerts sends messages to all affected users, letting them know there is a problem. This means the staff won’t be fielding multiple calls on the same issue.

You also won’t have to make calls to notify affected individuals. You’ll also have peace of mind that people have read your messages as they have to provide an acknowledgment.

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Never miss an incident

DeskAlerts can be integrated with other software so that when there is an IT issue, it will send automated alerts.

This means that you don’t need to devote dedicated IT resources to monitoring systems and recesses: the automated notification eatery does the job for you. When there’s an issue, automated alerts are sent to IT staff. Automated notifications are a proven tool that is invaluable for issues management and will quickly deliver a recognizable return on investment by reducing the response time for IT incidents.

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Be better prepared for incident response

Save time by being prepared ahead of time, wherever possible:

  • Prepare message templates in advance
  • Inform staff about planned maintenance
  • Educate employees about what to do in an outage via quizzes
  • Gather feedback using surveys following an incident to make improvements next time

Try DeskAlerts to discover all its benefits

DeskAlerts is an internal communication solution that will overhaul your internal communication methods. Replace ineffective channels, such as email, with modern digital channels that guarantee 100% readership and acknowledgment rates.


DeskAlerts features for efficient IT alerting

What our customers say

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS
“We use DeskAlerts for IT Services notices and general organisation notices.”
University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
Healthcare, Great Britain
“With DeskAlerts notifications in place, Baxalta has a robust channel for communicating the critical information to their employees. IT department uses it to deliver targeted notifications about system outages/recoveries and planned downtimes, making sure that messages will only be delivered to departments affected.”
Pharmaceuticals, Austria
ST George_nobg
“University uses DeskAlerts to give customers updates regarding IT services. DeskAlerts preempts unnecessary helpdesk calls by keeping all customers informed.”
St George's University of London
Education, Great Britain

Benefits of using DeskAlerts as an IT alerts software system:

Faster resolution-1

Faster resolution of IT incidents

Reduce communication-1

Reduce communication fatigue levels

be more informed-1

Users will be more informed and happier

IT work-1

Less unplanned IT work

internal reputation-1

Improve the IT department’s internal reputation

Approved by our customers

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