One-click Alert Module

Send a pre-defined message to a pre-defined audience via the press of one button

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Use shortcuts to quickly send notifications to your staff

One Click Alert Module is part of our large alert system that allows you to instantly send a pre-defined message to a predetermined audience.


  • minimize the time required to send out time-sensitive information, saving you minutes on content creation and audience selection - "panic button" style of sending;
  • alerts have to be created in advance to cover the most likely scenarios when you may need them;
  • alerts can be triggered through a variety of channels - including a desktop shortcut and mobile app for iOS/Android;
  • feature alert color coding in order to categorize your messages based on the nature of ongoing emergency for quicker publishing.

In combination with the real-time mass notification module, this allows you to send a message to more than 10,000 users worldwide in 1-2 seconds via the press of one button.

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Prepare Important Notifications In Advance

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail"

In a critical situation, you need to communicate vital information with your employees quickly, and in a way that they won’t be able to miss. You will save even more time by sending messages to your staff if you prepare it in advance. 

  • In the dashboard of the emergency notification app, you can create a virtual “panic button” that you can press to send critical notifications. Sending mass notifications via this tool is not only quick and convenient but can help you to save lives.

  • For the system to be effective you should have set up pre-made templates ahead of time so you can quickly deliver the relevant information about the threat when it occurs, saving valuable time in the process.

  • Templates can be customized as much as you need, including adjusting colors, titles, and text. You can even insert images such as evacuation maps or video files.

  • You have control over which users the messages will be sent to. For example, if the emergency is affecting one floor of a building only, you can send just those save time by preparing users the critical alert.


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