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Five Ways to Use Corporate Desktop Wallpaper for Employee Communications

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 1:15:23 PM

In a corporate environment where multi-tasking has become a byword, employees are more preoccupied with their work than ever. It is now more challenging for corporate communicators to reach and convey whatever message management has for the rest of the organization. But it has also led to innovations like the use of corporate desktop wallpaper as a communication tool.

On the surface, a corporate desktop wallpaper may seem like a simple way to provide a consistent look and feel around the office. Companies usually use their logo as the standard corporate desktop background, in a way preventing employees to use inappropriate images.

However, corporate communicators have also harnessed corporate desktop wallpaper as a communication medium. Here are several ways by which corporate wallpaper can be used for communication purposes:

1. For promoting organizational initiatives

In the past, one way to promote organizational initiatives was to hand out brochures and pamphlets. But the problem with brochures and pamphlets is that employees can easily throw away these materials.

They cannot do this with a corporate desktop wallpaper. And because employees use a computer almost every day, there’s no escaping from whatever reminder or organizational program that the corporate communication team would want them to know.

2. For updating employees on company developments

Companies would usually rely on a corporate newsletter to communicate developments within the organization, like promotions, latest financial figures, and new product or services.

But preparation of a corporate newsletter can take a while, unlike a corporate desktop wallpaper. Corporate communications team can simply flash a news item as a corporate wallpaper and the rest of the organization would be updated on the said development. However, corporate communicators must ensure that the message can be digested in a way that the staff will be able to understand the message in a few seconds.

3. For reminding employees of important activities

Company activities and events like product launches need the support of the entire organization. However, employees are too busy with their work that they may forget about a scheduled activity.

This can be avoided by using a corporate wallpaper that reminds employees about an upcoming company activity. Thus the department organizing the event will be assured that employees will be reminded about their activity, and increase the likelihood of more personnel in attendance.

4. Espousing company values

Companies usually have espoused values like teamwork, ethics, professionalism, and creativity. These are ideals in which the company is built in, serving as a blueprint that guides the entire organization in the conduct of business.

It can be a challenge for HR to remind employees of these espoused values given how they are busy during the workday. Thus HR can work with IT or the communications group in promoting these values through corporate desktop.

Posters or images that promote these company values can be used a corporate desktop background. Employees will thus be reminded that they should live up to these values, or conduct their business guided by the said corporate values.

5. Motivating employees

HR can also work with the IT to configure the desktop wallpaper of an employee who has achieved a certain accomplishment. The desktop wallpaper may have a simple congratulatory note from the management or supervisor, lauding the employee for a job well done.

Corporate desktop background may also be used to remind employees of wellness tips, or schedule of upcoming benefits like bonuses. This way, employees will remain in the loop and be motivated to work more efficiently.

Indeed,corporate desktop wallpaper can be used in different ways by management to reach out to employees.

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