Why You should Use Desktop Ticker Alerts

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 1:23:07 PM

There is no doubt about the importance of internal communication in business. Effective internal communication allows management and staff to understand each other and align their personal goals and objectives to that of the company. Effective internal communication also raises the levels of employee engagement, boosts morale, improves productivity and creates a better work environment. Therefore, companies of all sizes from various industries must improve on their internal communications. This means coming up with an effective internal communication strategy and using various internal communication tools.

Communicating in the Workplace

How do you communicate at work? There are different channels of communication used in the workplace: email, chat, the telephone, meetings, small focus groups, newsletters and the bulletin board. However, most of these channels are not as effective now as they were before in disseminating important company information to employees.

Email is not a very good way of transmitting important messages anymore, due to email overload. There is a tendency for employees to read an email and completely forget about it as they read their other messages and go through the day. The same can be said for chat, which has the tendency to be ignored when one is busy with his other deliverables. While the newsletter is still valuable and relevant, it cannot be used for urgent messages. Moreover, most organizations are now going paperless; the bulletin board is not really relevant now (does anybody still stop to read bulletin board announcements?) Employees and the management alike are starting to frown at meetings, which can take too much time that could be used for more productive work. The phone is still an effective communication tool, but not if you need to send your message to 300 employees all at once.

Fortunately, there are now other ways of sending messages to the entire company, to specific groups, or even to individuals. One of these ways is sending notifications to the receivers’ PC’s in the form of desktop ticker alerts. 

The Desktop Ticker Alert 

If you need a way to notify your employees without intruding on their current task, then you need the ticker alert for desktops. This kind of alert is best for important news, urgent messages and even last-minute information. Through this tool, you will be able to reach all your people at once, especially if the message or notification you are sending is time-sensitive in nature.

Similar to an RSS feed but more flexible and easier to use, the desktop ticker alert is ideal for the for the following notifications:

  • Policy updates
  • Urgent news
  • Meeting and deadline reminders
  • General information
  • Basically whatever you want your target audience to know

The ticker can also contain links which, when clicked, will bring readers to sites that contain even more information.

Features of the Desktop Ticker Alert 

Still not convinced about the usefulness of ticker alerts? Read on to learn more about the benefits of including it to your existing arsenal of internal communication tools:

1. Immediate, no-fuss message deployment. Simply input your message in the ticker screen, customize it according to recipients and delivery times, add links if you desire to and click to broadcast.

2. Fully customizable and persistent scrolling alerts. The alerts appear and run as you want them to: continuously, during designated times, or until the recipients have clicked on and acknowledged the alerts.

3. Real-time feedback and reporting. The desktop ticker has a feature that allows you to measure acknowledgement through the number of clicks. It also has the capability of reporting the response rates, which can gauge the effectiveness of the message transmission.

Improve your internal communication with the desktop ticker alert by DeskAlerts, one of the leading software providers for corporate communications. Contact us now and see how we can help bring your internal communications to the next level.

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