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Connect with Your Employees using a Desktop Ticker

A great way to keep your staff informed with important or interesting information is to deploy a desktop ticker – a small window of moving text that is displayed at the bottom of their computer screens.


desktop ticker


The desktop ticker works exactly like a ticker works on a TV news channel. When you think of how TV news use tickers to display news headlines and breaking news, you can utilize it in a similar fashion to communicate short, punchy bits of information with your staff.

And when you need to expand on information contained in the ticker, adding a hyperlink will enable your employees to click to read more detail on your intranet site, company website or a news site – whatever is relevant.

A desktop ticker is less intrusive than a pop-up alert and can be used to send less time-critical information to staff. By appearing on their screens, they will be able to make note that they have seen it and follow up when they are able to.

This is a much better way of displaying information to staff than sending emails – which are often unopened, or relying on them to look at an intranet or social networking site. Your employees can quickly scan the “headlines” scrolling on their screens and keep working in other programs.

Ways of making the most out of a desktop ticker include:

  • Being able to send breaking news to your employees about your company or the industry that you work in.
  • The ability to share information that is relevant but not critical to them – for example if the phones are out in one of your offices, you can let all the other offices in your company know.
  • The ability to share interesting news stories about your company or your industry.
  • The ability to share your company’s media releases with staff.
  • Able to send reminders about events, training opportunities, job openings, public holidays, changes to policies and procedures, deadline reminders and other important corporate information.
  • A good way to send important hints and tips about various corporate functions, such as health and safety reminders, internet security protocols, guidelines about logo usage and so on.
  • Informing employees about system outages and statuses and keeping them informed while a resolution is being sought.

When you invest in DeskAlerts for your company, a desktop ticker is one of the range of options that comes as part of this innovative internal communications software.

DeskAlerts desktop ticker messages can be sent easily to your staff via a simple to use interface. You have a range of controls such as who you can send the information to – for example sometimes you may only need to target a specific work team or an office in one city, other times you may want to alert the entire company.

The alerts can be customized so they are sent as persistent scrolling alerts which you can use to make sure your notifications are seen and read. 

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