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6 Creative Internal Communication Ideas to Implement in Your Company

Engaging your employees is an ongoing challenge that requires creativity to avoid getting stagnant. It takes more than sending out emails and the odd newsletter to effectively communicate with your staff in the modern workplace.


As well as keeping your staff informed and up-to-date with important information, good internal communications can create a positive workplace culture, boost morale, and deliver a committed and top-preforming workforce.

And studies have shown that companies with sound internal communications practices not only attract top talent, but they find it easy to retain them.

If you feel like your internal communications is in a bit of a rut and you’d like to change things up a bit, try some of these creative solutions.

1. Include video

Reading through reams of information isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. You can make your content more personal and more memorable by utilizing video.

Consider video as an option for reports from your CEO, online training, how-to videos, updates on company procedures or as an inclusion in your internal newsletters. You can make this channel two-way by having employees contribute to it, eg: interviewing them about topics.

2. Leverage your employees as content makers

Building on from including staff in video content, you can achieve a more authentic voice in your internal communications if you give staff a platform to share with one another in meaningful ways.

Utilize types of internal communication channels that focus on your employees spreading content that both interests and affects them. Make it interactive and enable comments, liking and sharing.

3. Utilize internal brand champions and ambassadors

If you have some employees who are more enthusiastic than others who are always happy to share the company’s message, not only are they wonderful at spreading the news with external stakeholders, they can also be used as ambassadors internally.

4. Use DeskAlerts

DeskAlerts is an innovative internal communications tool that lets you share information instantly with employees, straight to their desktops via a pop-up window. You can communicate just about anything, and the technology means the message cannot be ignored – meaning your important information won’t go un-noticed in employees’ inboxes!

5. Introduce an entreprize social network

Social networking is big – but traditional platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter aren’t always appropriate for engaging your employees. They tend to be more outwardly focused.

There are a range of social networking solutions you can introduce to your company that work the same way as the other social media platforms, but they are very much focused on communicating internally within an organization.

6. Make the most of mobile technology

In the modern workplace, employees aren’t all sitting at their desks between 9-5. Some may work remotely, others might travel a lot for work, or work flexible hours. It’s highly likely your staff are using devices like smartphones and tablets. There are lots of communications apps that can help you come up with innovative solutions to keep your staff engaged and informed on mobile platforms no matter where or when they work.

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