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Communicating Change Through a Corporate Screensaver

Caroline Duncan - Oct 11, 2017 2:14:30 PM

You have many computer screens in your organization – why not put them to use as part of your internal communications campaigns?

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Screensavers were originally created to prevent “image burn in” on cathode ray tube monitor screens when images were left on a screen for too long. They would feature animations, text and images. These days LCD monitors are the screen of choice and don’t have the same problems cathode ray tubes had, making screensavers seem almost obsolete.

But the screensaver hasn’t had its day completely – while you don’t need it to protect the screen, there are other advantages to having one. A corporate screensaver is a really effective way to reach all of your employees and deliver your key messages in a non-intrusive way.

One of the most effective ways of communicating is to deliver your key messages over and over again, using different channels, to ensure that the message sinks in.

What better way to reinforce your communication campaign efforts than to have appropriate messaging appear on the screens of all your employees? You are essentially keeping your employees informed by targeting them at their desks – the place you are most likely to find them during the business day.

When you’re running an internal communications campaign as part of a change management project, the corporate screensaver is an especially good way to communicate and reinforce your messages with staff.

Change management can be a difficult subject because lots of people are resistant to change – they don’t like the unknown. When you don’t communicate your objectives with your employees well enough it can be very hard to win them over and get them to take the leap of faith to join you enthusiastically on the change management journey.

Advantages of utilizing the corporate screensaver alongside other communications channels include:

  • Have less dependency on emails. Inboxes are constantly clogging with too much information. You can decrease information overload by including key messages on screensavers.
  • Have effective and immediate internal communication. You can remind staff about different facets of your change management program on the screens they look at throughout the day.
  • Create more dynamic messages. A corporate screensaver is a tool that can be customized with animation, text, images, videos and other eye-catching style elements.
  • Repetition helps with recall. Since screensavers are repetitive, your employees will be reminded of the messages you wish to communicate about the change management initiative.
  • Reduce the number of idle computers in your organization and put them to functional use.
  • Update your employees about the information they need to know – you ‘ll know that they are seeing it, unlike with email information that goes unopened and unread.
  • Customize your audience. You can create corporate screensavers that send particular messages to individuals or departments.
  • Corporate screensavers are affordable and cost-effective.
  • Having an efficient mass notification tool. The corporate screensaver will allow you to notify employees of urgent and important news efficiently and effectively.

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