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DeskAlerts: Desktop Notifications for IT Departments

DeskAlerts is a full-featured messaging and alert system, featuring customizable desktop notifications. The solution is ideal for all types of industries.

IT departments face some of the most difficult challenges where the subject of communication is concerned. The need for a better communication system is present for many departments using emails as the primary communication vehicle. Internally and externally, many problems can arise.

DeskAlerts provides a notifications and messaging system that can help on all fronts. With powerful desktop notifications, internal and external messaging problems can be solved. Inefficiencies and problems from emails and text messages are no longer seen with DeskAlerts.

Communication Problems Facing IT

IT departments know all too well that some of their most difficult challenges come in the communication department:

  • Interruptions in Network Service
  • Keeping Staff Notified of Issues
  • Overload of Calls to the Help Desk
  • Overload of Emails and “Typical” Communications

system services administration desktop notification

The first item can easily trickle down and create serious problems. If there is an interruption in network service, individuals’ time in the IT department can become undermined with the resulting calls and emails that ensue. Soon, the phone lines are swamped and the company begins losing precious time and resources – and money, of course – to manage everything.

Yet, these problems can be seen on their own. In these instances, DeskAlerts comes into play as a solution to break the inefficiencies in communication – inefficiencies that are so often seen in IT. Such a powerful messaging and notification system can solve these problems, as well as streamline “normal” workdays in the IT department.

DeskAlerts Desktop Notifications Provide an Easy Solution for Information Overload

Imagine being in the IT department, and receiving email after email, call after call about one or multiple problems, and then trying to remain on top of everything. This type of information overload is quite common. Yet, it is a product of a problem that is easy to overcome.

With desktop notifications, the central feature of DeskAlerts, the IT department can send and receive customized messages, enabling them to keep track of vital information and reminders. No longer does the staff have to remember which emails are important. Increased features to be mentioned add to the usefulness present with desktop notifications.

lerts offer other delivery options for alerts/messages:

  • Scrolling Ticker: Something may not be “worthy” of a pop-up message on a staff member’s desktop. Less urgent notifications and reminders can be seen on a desktop scrolling ticker for easy viewing.
  • SMS: Combine or isolate text messages, ideal for users who are not present.
  • Emails: Alongside of other methods, emails can still play a role in the communication system.

Keep in mind that with DeskAlerts, any or all delivery methods can be used simultaneously. That alone speaks to the efficiency that is offered with the solution.

Is your IT department swimming in emails with varying priorities? DeskAlerts can solve the information overload problem with ease.

DeskAlerts Enable More Effective External Communications

Sometimes, the biggest communication issues are not due to internal circumstances. Rather, phone calls and outside emails can inundate the IT department, often because of a network problem or other major issue.

The beauty of DeskAlerts can, in part, be seen with this added feature set: external communications. Not only can it solve alerts, notifications and messaging efficiency on the inside, but DeskAlerts can allow IT to easily inform people on the outside. For instance, in the wake of a network failure, IT can send a message out to the appropriate parties both within and without the company or building, informing them that they are aware of the issue. Then, the time can be spent where it is needed – working on the problem, and not wasting time responding to countless emails and phone calls.

Just as with the aforementioned internal communications, external messages can be utilized along the many delivery methods. With great ease, a message can be sent via email and text message, informing many about the failure, and the estimated time it will take to fix.

Features, Solutions and More from DeskAlerts

DeskAlerts offer a full-featured notification and messaging system that can solve problems in IT. Alongside of SMS, email, and the innovative scrolling ticket, desktop notifications can utilize any content:

support desktop scrolling notification

  • Rich Text Files
  • Graphics
  • Videos
  • Documents (such as .pdf)
  • Flash Presentations

The features do not end there, however. Custom skins can be developed for the department. Pop-up windows, and even full screen notifications, can be used. Recurring messages, those with high priority can be sent, group and personal alerts – and so much more – can be handled by DeskAlerts.

DeskAlerts is supported by Windows and Mac desktops. It is very easy to configure and can work seamlessly with any current communication system. Alerts can be sent across mobile devices, firewalls, proxies, VPNs, Active Directory, corporate networks, Internet, email and Terminal server/Citrix clients.

Is your current communication system weighing down your IT department? Are floods of emails and phone calls undermining the productivity of the department?

DeskAlerts can be the easy, powerful solution to all of these problems.

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