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Desktop Alerts – What You Should Know


Desktop alerts are relatively new to most people, but they are an effective communication tool. Learn what these alerts can do for your business now.

Email isn't what it used to be. Once an effective communication tool for real-time messaging within an organization, it has now been overrun by spam messages, overloaded inboxes, and people who simply don't bother checking for messages on a regular basis. As a business, it's up to you to find the best communication tools to keep your employees on track at all times. With next-generation tools like desktop alerts, you can do exactly that. Forget about competing for the attention of your employees with email memos and marketing, because there is a better way.

Basic flaws of using email for intra-office communication

Before you can understand the value of these alerts, you have to understand the basic flaws of using email for intra-office communication. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • How many times have you heard "I didn't get the memo"?

desktop notification

  • Are you willing to rely on a tool that might not deliver as it should?
  • How many memos have been lost in cyberspace?
  • Can you really track accountability with email alerts and memos?
  • What are the odds that you're getting lost among the sea of spam and other emails?
  • How fast can you really reach your employees through email?

As you can see, your answers to these questions might be less than what you expected. With desktop alerts, you can increase every aspect of communication, from delivery to speed and even reliability and accountability. With a tool like this, keeping people on the same page is easy.

DeskAlerts Desktop Alert Software

What are Desktop Alerts?

Put simply, these are messages that are delivered directly to the desktop based on certain circumstances or needs within a business. When you have something to say, you can send it right to the employees' computer, interrupt whatever they are doing and assign a priority level so that your alerts don't get overlooked when they are urgent. You can even target your audience for each alert, add content or actions to the alerts and customize exactly how you use these tools to communicate within your business or organization.

DeskAlerts Desktop Alert Software add-ons

It seems pretty simple, right? It is. Of course, there are two types of alert solutions out there: cheap pre-packaged solutions that might require compromise on your part, and expensive, customized development solutions that might seem like they're out of your league. That is, until now. We would like to introduce you to a third option that we have worked hard to develop for people like you who want more from their business communication:

Customized desktop alerts with increased functionality, guaranteed delivery, an arsenal of features and a price that is just right for every business.

Desktop Alert Solutions and You

It sounds too good to be true, right? Perhaps, but we believe that you deserve a custom solution that delivers all the things that you need without the hassles, expense, or compromises that other programs and solutions offer. It is our goal to ensure that you can take advantage of next generation communication tools like this, no matter what business you are running. You deserve to be able to reach out to employees and get people's attention when you need to, and our solutions are here to help every single time.

Desktop alerts are going to make your business so much more communicative and keep operations running smoothly. Until now, a lot of people were limited by the availability of alert solutions. That's no longer an issue, and these alerts are no longer exclusive to the large companies who can afford an entire development team to help them get started. You can save time, money and hassle on desktop alert solutions with our help, no matter what you have in mind.

Desktop alerts can be:

  • Urgent
  • Actionable
  • Attached to content
  • Delivered with guarantee - Checked for compliance
  • Targeted to specific groups or audiences
  • Dismissible
  • Promotional
  • Informative

Basically, whatever you need, these alerts can deliver.

Alert Solutions for Your Business - Why Now?

This is the question a lot of people ask: Why now? Why my business? The fact of the matter is that even when you think email is effective enough, it's probably not. By utilizing the next generation of communication tools like these alerts, you can guarantee that you are effectively communicating in your business, no matter what you are trying to say. Every single business has different needs, but we're willing to bet that you need something more effective than typical intra-office email memos and reports.

The better question, then, is why not? Your business needs a better communication solution. You don't have to spend a fortune, and you can get a solution that is customized to your needs with ease. It just makes sense to take advantage of desktop alerts and everything that they can offer your business, no matter what communication issues you're trying to resolve. Learn more about these unique solutions and how they can help your business keep moving forward with cutting-edge technology that works.

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