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Desktop Messaging Software: What Type Is Right for Your Business?

Forward-thinking organizations are always striving to improve and optimize their internal communications practices. Desktop messaging services are gaining in popularity to help improve communications within companies, large and small.


Effective employee communication


Instant messaging services are more reliable for communication than emails are – usually they have a function where a message will pop up on screen or will make a noise, alerting the recipient to an incoming message. This is generally a much more reliable method of communication compared to email as a desktop messenger will garner a more immediate response.

Generally it allows information and large files to be sent in real time.

Choosing the most effective desktop messaging system for your organization will depend on a range of factors, and systems all have different features.

Some of the most popular systems on the market include:

Google Hangouts 

Hangouts is one of the world’s most popular instant messaging apps. To use it, a Google mail account is required and it can be used on Apple, Android and PC computers.

It works like a traditional instant messaging system where users can share information backwards and forwards, and users can see if another user is online before sending a message. Hangouts is a lot like a traditional text messaging service and if a message is sent when someone is offline, it will be waiting for them when they are online.


Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration tool that lets users send messages and share files with one another through online conversations. Unlike other desktop messaging applications, the service aims to provide a messaging platform that is specifically designed for workplaces.

Slack messages and files can be sent through private one-on-one messages, private group messages and public group channels. It can be integrated with a range of other online services.


DeskAlerts is predominantly a one-way internal communication channel that is designed for organizations to quickly and efficiently communicate with their employees by sending pop-up notifications to staff members’ PC screens.

The system can be used to send hyperlinks, video content or even SMS messages to phones and other devices ensuring that no matter where your employees are located in the world, they will receive important information quickly.

The system can also be used to send polls, quizzes and surveys allowing for some two-way information flow.


Stride is an application that was designed for remote team collaboration It lets teams of coworkers keep connected in a way that’s designed to maximize collaboration and minimize distraction.

Users are able to share ideas with group messaging and finalize their projects in easy-to-use, searchable shared rooms. The app also provides for voice and video conferencing as well as screen sharing.

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