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How Annual Security Training Benefits Your Company

Any training you provide your employees helps to create a successful workplace where your people are equipped with the tools and skills they need.

security awareness training

A training aspect your organization can’t afford to overlook is security awareness training.

Technology is an all-encompassing aspect of modern day workplaces, and unfortunately businesses are often ill-equipped for the ways it can also pose a risk. As a result, employees often have little to no training on cyber security.

When companies do offer cyber security training, quite often it forms part of an induction process for new recruits, and isn’t offered as an in-depth learning experience. Quite often it is just included with a range of other corporate policies and procedures new employees are expected to familiarize themselves with. In the rapidly changing world of security threats, this just isn’t enough.

Companies spend between many thousands to millions of dollars every year putting a range of security measures in place to protect their information and networks. But this might turn out to be a waste of time if they don’t also invest in training their staff.

Research has shown that one of the biggest risks to security for organizations come from within - your own employees. You can have all the cutting-edge security in the world in place, but it will fall over at the first hurdle if your employees aren’t up-to-date with security best practices. This strengthens the case for not only offering security awareness training, but ensuring that staff are updated and refreshed on this critical area at least annually.

There are several benefits to annual security awareness training. It will:

Help avoid potential risk

Employees who understand web safety, network security and ways breaches can occur are less likely to fall prey to phishing scams, identify fraud, hacking attempts or click on malicious links or email attachments. In turn this reduces your company’s exposure to consequences of data breach such as lawsuits, fines, audits and financial collapse.

Protect your company’s assets

Improved security protocols will also help to ensure your computers, network infrastructure and other expensive hardware are protected.

Save money

Data breaches are expensive. They cost businesses in terms of downtime, lost productivity trying to correct the problem, reputational damage, and in some instances financial loss through theft. And that’s the best-case scenario – because a serious enough data breach can completely ruin a company.

Improve workplace culture

Staff who are better informed help create a better workplace culture. When your organization mandates that data security is a top priority, employees can help their peers be accountable and support one another in safely using technology.

Increase customer confidence

When you are able to show your customers that your company has a culture of security, you have a competitive advantage over other organizations that do not. Customers are going to feel more confident about doing business with you when you are able to demonstrate that your employees are trained in security and are security minded. Building a security culture can also motivate your clients to do so as well. Happy customers are good for word-of-mouth publicity. 

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