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How Can a Notification System Benefit Your Company?

There are many benefits to improving internal communication. These include improved employee morale, boosted employee engagement, better staff retention and an increase in productivity and profitability.


internal notification system


Poor communication – including lack of communication – can result in an organization failing to have a lack of direction and employees not working towards the same goals. Important information can be missed or misinterpreted. ‘

Staff can become jaded and cynical, frustrated when they feel they are kept in the dark or given vague or conflicting information from management.

Many organizations around the world have turned to DeskAlerts as solution to improve their internal communications.

DeskAlerts is software that is easy to use, and enables you to send messages to your employees’ PC desktops as a pop-up window so they never miss important information. The message is received regardless of the software they are using at the time.

Messages can be sent to the entire workforce, or targeted to groups of employees such as those who work in a specific department or geographic location.

You can send any important information you like, from emergency alerts through to important corporate announcements to notifications about IT system outages. And you can use DeskAlerts to send video content or hyperlink to other information.

Here are some examples of how real companies are using DeskAlerts:

Healthcare Australia

This medical diagnostics company offers extensive laboratory, pathology and radiology services to medical professionals. The company had been using an internal communications system with several limitations.

DeskAlerts was chosen as a fast and efficient way to deliver messages to employees, groups, divisions and labs.

The Surveys module of DeskAlerts has been beneficial, allowing Healthcare Australia management to quickly collect information from employees.



The East African division of this famous accounting firm was looking for a reliable notifications system to replace its email system.

Kenneth Kagunda from Deloitte says that “All departments use DeskAlerts to send communication that would ordinarily be missed via email communication. DeskAlerts helps in the sense that it is interruptive. Staff prefer to communicate via DeskAlerts to notify them and remind them of upcoming events.”


University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

The University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust was looking for a solution for instant communications. The solution they found was adding DeskAlerts as another communication channel.

The organization’s Jame Hancher said: “We use DeskAlerts for IT services notices and general organization notices. For example, we used it to warn user of the Wannacry virus and to improve online vigilance.”



Biopharmaceutical company Baxalta needed a reliable way to inform its employees about key systems outages and downtimes. The IT department implemented DeskAlerts to communicate with more than 3,000 employees in Austria.

With the new system in place, Baxalta has a robust channel for communicating critical information to employees.

The IT department uses it to deliver targeted notifications about system outages/recoveries and planned downtimes, making sure that messages are only delivered to the departments affected. 

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