Healthcare Mass Notification System For Hospitals

Anton Vdovin - Sep 22, 2017 2:11:19 PM


One of the main issues hospitals and healthcare institutions face is how to communicate quickly, easily and effectively when faced with critical situation. The integration of an emergency mass notification system is, therefore, important so that hospital administrators are able to communicate quickly and immediately with physicians, nurses and other staff members when needed, whenever and wherever they are.

Not only is notification solution helpful when it comes to communicating with staff, it aids employees to coordinate with first responders, other medical institutions and agencies, federal agencies and local communities. The system is especially important when hospitals need to meet the healthcare needs of the surrounding communities, such as in cases of natural disasters, outbreaks, acts of terrorism and industrial accidents and emergencies.

Notifying Thousands Within Seconds or Minutes

While the traditional phone call chain can be full of error and can consume a lot of time, an emergency alert software enables the delivery of messages to multitudes of people quickly and immediately. Whether the information being sent out has to do with mass disasters, crises, or even routine staff announcements or pages, information sent through notification systems are delivered within minutes or even seconds. The notification system for hospitals typically cycles through different platforms and devices in order to make sure that everyone is informed. This type of system eliminates the need for additional phone lines or onsite hardware and software. All communication is integrated and centralized.

The efficiency and centralization of notification systems are particularly important in emergencies that typically require that masses of people be notified as quickly as possible. Time is of the essence and this may mean the difference between life and death.

The main users of this system includes ER staff, doctors, nurse administrators, hospital administrators, emergency management, and department managers. Whether you need to contact one doctor or to relay the information to the entire hospital, an emergency mass notification system allows management and employees to provide quality patient care and to manage the flow of patients.

Notification System Features Hospitals Need

Hospitals can be challenging as they typically deal with life or death situations. Therefore, this means that the system institutions use should be reliable. Systems which are unlikely to fail or to be compromised are to be looked into. These notification systems can usually be accessed online, meaning there is no in-house system that can fail and no box that needs to be maintained. Simple login details are required in order to access the said system.

The communication software for hospitals which allows for efficient message creation should be prioritized. Voice and SMS should be easy to create and delivered on a single broadcast through easy-to-follow steps. While message delivery occurs, notifications should also be sent to first responders in cases of emergencies and receivers should be given the option of connecting to representatives who can assist them.

The system chosen should also be able to prioritize the order in which communication devices are to be reached in order to ensure that intended recipients receive the information they need. Of course, the system also has to have the capability of sending out information to several recipients at once.

Also, hospitals require a call back feature in particular in cases wherein extra personnel is required or when the emergency room is overloaded. This feature allows hospital administration to quickly make a determination as to who can work at what time and when. This assures that the necessary help will always be available in the hospital.

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