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How to Use SMS Alerts in the Workplace

While texting is certainly one of the best ways to communicate with people in our lives in real-time, SMS alerts are also actually very effective tools to use in the workplace. This is because of the obvious reason that people always have their phones with them, and that text messages are more likely to be read and answered than email messages.

Here are some of the ways companies use text messages to reinforce and facilitate efficient communication:

1. Communicating with employees who are off-site

Not all your employees will be in the office at all times. There will be times that sales teams may be on the road, or technicians may be sent to the field to check out equipment. The easiest and most efficient way to reach these employees are through SMS alerts. While phone calls may disrupt them while they are doing work, and email may not be read, text messaging is not as disruptive and will more likely be received and responded to.

2. Surveys

Surveys are good communication tools to utilize to find out if employees are as engaged as management hopes them to be. Employee satisfaction surveys and suggestion surveys can be quickly administered through text, and employees can simply access the survey through a link sent through SMS.

3. Meeting reminders

Companies can use SMS alerts to remind their employees about meetings. Because so many things go on within an organization during the work week, important events such as meetings and conference calls can be forgotten. Through test messaging, staff members can immediately by notified of these crucial events so that their attendance is assured.

4. Emergencies and closures

Important messages such as emergency notifications and work closures could be disregarded or lost if they are sent through email. On the other hand, SMS alerts enable employees to receive these important messages in real-time. It is the most efficient way to keep employees informed should emergencies and unforeseen threats and disasters occur during the day.

Should you want to inform staff members regarding days off or instructions and updates when a disaster occurs, you can utilize text messaging to keep employees in the loop and to keep them safe and protected.

5. Recruitment

A lot of organizations tend to hire people internally mainly because they already know and trust their staff members, and their staff members already know how the company operates. Through SMS alerts, organizations can send employees information regarding available positions in the company. Text messages can take the place of constant email messages which will more likely be disregarded or missed.

Aside from internal hiring, outside recruitment can also benefit from text messages. Instead of promoting available jobs through print or online job ads, people can be automatically sent job listings if they subscribe to a particular number. The said number can also be utilized to collect leads as well as so the company can follow up on promising prospects.

6. Polling and planning

If there are particular things that you want to get your staff members’ opinions on, you can utilize text messaging to ask them and get a consensus. You can send out alerts to everyone in the company in an instant and ask them to reply and vote between choices that you have set. For example, you can take a vote on whether your company outing should be held on the first weekend of the month or the last, or you can ask if they would want to have casual-wear Fridays. Text messaging allows you a simpler and quicker method to do internal polling and consequential planning.

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