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How You Can Use Corporate Desktop Wallpapers to Communicate with Employees

Today’s worker is a multi-tasker. With the workplace being busier and more hectic than ever, workers are more preoccupied while they are in the office. This makes it a lot more challenging for companies to reach their employees and relay important messages to the workforce. These challenges are now trying to be overcome with communication tools such as the corporate desktop wallpaper.

Corporate Wallpaper

While this communication tool may seem simplistic, it does provide a consistency to the look and feel of any workspace. Aside from preventing employees from utilizing inappropriate desktop wallpapers, companies are also able to use their own logo as the standard desktop wallpaper for all computers.

As a communication tool, here are some of the ways a corporate desktop wallpaper can be used to reach employees and relay messages:

1. To promote initiatives within the business

Organizations previously utilized brochures and pamphlets to promote initiatives within the company. However, aside from the additional cost with each brochure or pamphlet printed, employees could also simply throw the materials away without reading them. These challenges are overcome with the corporate desktop wallpaper. Employees are exposed to the communication tool while they are at their desks, so it is highly unlikely that they miss out on reminders and organizational program news that they need to know about.

2. To update staff members regarding news and developments in the company

In the past, companies simply relied on corporate newsletters to inform their staff members regarding latest news and developments in the organization, such as current financial figures, promotions and new offerings. However, while the corporate newsletter is still a vital communication tool, it can take a while to produce. So if you need to send out information right away, the corporate desktop wallpaper can certainly reinforce and supplement the corporate newsletter.

Through this communication tool, a news item can be flashed in the desktop screens of employees right away. In turn, the organization gets informed about the developments and news they need to know about. Therefore, it is important that corporate communicators formulate stories in a brief and understandable way.

3. To remind employees of important notices and events

When staff members are busy at work, they will tend to forget important events and activities in the organization, such as meetings and launches. Corporate desktop wallpapers can help notify and remind employees of events they need to remember. This will help assure that the department in charge of a particular event that employees will be reminded about the activity and that attendance will more likely increase.

4. To further promote company values and objectives

The ideals of the company are at its very core, as they serve as the guidelines in which the organization conducts its business. Values can include, creativity, camaraderie, ethics and professionalism.

Constantly reminding employees to integrate the values of the company into their work may prove to be a challenge, especially during the busy work day. A corporate desktop wallpaper can help promote the company’s values without disrupting their work.

5. To boost the morale of employees

The IT department can also support the HR department in boosting the morale of employees and helping them become more engaged. A simple congratulatory remark from the management flashed on the desktop can certainly make the particular lauded employee feel good and motivate others to do better as well.

This communication tool can also be used to remind employees of upcoming scheduled benefits such as bonuses, as well as wellness tips. This not only helps keep employees motivated, it also updates them regarding information they may find useful.

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