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Mass Notification Made Easy Through the Desktop Alert Software

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 4:23:14 PM

If you are a manager of a company who wants to send messages to your employees with just one click of a mouse, then a desktop alert software is the right product for you. This intelligent software can perform mass notification to all the recipients that you define. It also allows full tracking so that you know if the employee has received the message or not.

With DeskAlerts Desktop Alert Software you can:

  • Send notifications with acknowledgement. Be sure all your messages delivered.
  • Track alerts delivery. Get detailed reports by user or group.
  • Schedule messages. Use schedule option to defined date and time for your alert.
  • Send urgent alert. Your messages will not be missed appearing on top of any active desktop application.

Sometimes, there are urgent tasks and reminders that employees need to respond and the desktop alert software can do a great job of reminding and notifying these employees. The sender knows if the employee has clicked the link sent and the popup starts bugging on him or her to confirm the receipt of the message and to respond on the follow up. Employees can never dismiss, ignore or remove these alerts from the computer.

Among the users of desktop alert programs are the military, schools, police organizations and some Fortune 100 companies. This program has various features which are very helpful in serving its purpose. It is GIS (geographic information system) enabled and its rich multi-media capabilities can deliver rich media such as audio files, live surveillance camera vids, images, interactive files and other applications to telephones, emails and mobile devices.

How does a desktop alert program work?

The communication software is installed either locally or deployed to all the management, employees and staff to allow them to view alert notifications for all in the organization as well as alerts that are especially sent to them.

An administrator is responsible for composing the desktop alert messages and delivering them to the employees, whether to an individual, specific group or to all the departments in the organization located anywhere in the world.

The employees can view the alert messages directly from their screens. They can also view ticker alerts, RSS feeds, participate in surveys, read company newsletters, express their opinions, and more. With the desktop alert program, employees can have an open communication with the management and it is a very good tool for internal communication.

A powerful desktop popup reminder and its features

  • Pop-up alerts for urgent notification can be displayed on top of other applications depending on the urgency of the alert/notice. Administrator sets the setup and layout of the alert depending on the message’s priority level. Notification alerts are delivered straight to the employee’s screen without the need for an email. A desktop alert software can also deliver training materials.
  • As a mass notification system, the desktop alert sends messages to all the employees regardless of their location or network. They can receive these alerts on their computer monitor or mobile device. It can also be set to send to specific group of people or an individual.
  • Scheduled Delivery. A desktop alert software can also be programmed to deliver at a certain date and time and if recurrence is needed. This desktop popup reminder alarms as it sends mass alerts as well as individual alerts to remind employees of deadlines and other important matters to be attended to. It tracks on who has received the alerts and clicked on the hyperlinks.
  • Other features include acknowledgement confirmation, alert scheduling, capability to insert hyperlinks, synchronizing of directory, and more. Depending on the manufacturer, this important computer software can do more relevant things and provide more value to the organization.
    Mobile email alerts
  • Some desktop alerts also offer instant delivery of alerts to the employee’s mobile phone as an SMS message. These desktop alert apps are available for Android and iPhone platforms.

Companies that are very particular with the alerts want to make sure that the employees receive the messages so they employ desktop alerts as well as email and mobile phone alerts and notifications. With the SMS message application delivering the messages to the employee’s or customer’s mobile phones within a few seconds after the message has been sent, they will never miss out on important alerts.

A desktop alert software is a powerful and reliable tool that can be used for mass notification and it is a very useful method to send emergency notices. It serves as a desktop alarm reminder that broadcasts announcements and notices making the employees more prompt in submission of their reports. Productivity is enhanced with the use of this desktop alert program.

During emergency cases, this desktop alert serves as an emergency broadcast system announcement that sends emergency messages to everybody thereby reducing the amount of chaos and confusion. As the information is being announced, the staff can follow the guidelines accordingly.

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