Mass Notification System: Reducing Costs and Increasing Productivity

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 4:24:24 PM

If you have been worrying about the additional expenses it entails your business to drive awareness among your employees about the company policies, work-related updates, progress reports, warnings, instructions, reminders and greetings, then it is time for you to switch to electronic notification and alert tools. Most companies use internal communication strategy tools that are done with the use of technology, veering away from the costly, time-consuming printed communication tools. Now, with just a few clicks, information drive can be effective, response-driven, less effort and affordable. Thanks to DeskAlerts’ mass notification system.

Mass notification system has become crucial in organizations nowadays. Companies have learned how to maximize the power of technology in providing information, saving time and effort and increasing productivity. DeskAlerts, the leading provider of internal communications solutions, has a lot to offer with its mass notification system.

DeskAlerts is a software development company established in 2006. Since then, it has partnered with over 700 clients, providing them with only the best of most efficient software that aim to improve work dynamics in the office. Clients include royal Canin, Siemens, Oceaneering, Swiss Life, Lenexa, Dedham Medical Associates, Twynstra Gudde, Farm Bureau Bank and Community College. These clients have testified on increased revenues and productivity the moment they switched to DeskAlerts’ system.

Here are the benefits you can enjoy with DeskAlerts’ notification system:

Send to All/Send to Specific Audience

One message can be sent to hundreds of thousands of employees in just a few clicks. That’s how powerful DeskAlerts’ mass notification system is. Your secretary doesn’t have to send rounds of memos through different floors in the office just to make sure they’ve received your orders. You don’t have to compose long emails and send them to too many email addresses. Your employees won’t have to wait for general meetings or for the monthly release of the company’s newsletters. All information now can be sent to everybody all at the same time.

What’s good about DeskAlerts is that you, as an employer can sort out audiences for your message. You can create groups according to departments, according to ranks or any other categories. This gives you the freedom to limit your messages and to arrange them categorically without fears of sending messages to the wrong person.

Active Directory Synchronization

DeskAlerts allows you to sync your active directory to easily deploy messages. No matter how many groups, users or computers you have in your office, you can sync it smoothly without worries of missing out any body.

Different Notification Tools

DeskAlerts boasts of its different tools used to notify employees in an office.

  • Desktop alerts/Screensaver alerts – messages get in by popping up in every employee’s desktop and only disappears when acknowledged
  • Desktop ticker – short crawlers at the bottom of the screens that do not interfere much on what the employee is working on
  • SMS alerts – Messages directly sent through mobile phones
  • Email notifications – messages directly sent through emails, usually the longer ones
  • Emergency notifications – crucial messages that pop up in desktops and emphasizes it as crucial
  • Surveys/Quizzes – notification system that aims to get feedback from employees
  • Newsfeed solution – notification system that makes use of social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter to reach those who have regular access on the Internet
  • Locked Screen Delivery – messages that get in even if the desktop is locked

You can even send RSS feeds and URL links in every message sent through the different internal messaging system. Photos, videos and even presentations and documents can be attached in every desktop message and can be opened without having to download it for long.

DeskAlerts: A Guide to a Company’s Journey

All these notification tools are essential to companies that are both starting or going through changes. For those who are starting, it will be beneficial to you as an employer if you establish open communication among different departments as early as possible. Proper communication is the key to work coordination, and smooth flow of feedbacks, constructive criticisms and suggestions among employees will help strengthen work relations.

If your company is going through transitions, it will also be beneficial to you if you openly communicate to your employees through the DeskAlerts notifications. Keeping them updated will give them an idea of the changes that are going to happen, and it will give them reassurance, too, that you are all in this together as one company.

Try DeskAlerts’ mass notification system and reduce expenses on printing information drive materials for your company. It is completely web-based. Therefore, you don’t have to download any application to use it. Its user-friendly interface will guide you through all its features. You will not only enjoyable its effective internal messaging systems but you will also benefit from its customizable server and desktop configurations.

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