Mass Notification Systems: Transforming the Way Businesses Operate

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 4:25:05 PM

Disasters and technology outages happen at the most unexpected times. Notifying your departments about such crises can be challenging, time consuming and cost intensive, especially if some of your teams are dispersed in different locations. Come to think of it, even communicating on a day-to-day basis with workers on the move is a difficult task. The ability to quickly touch base with your workforce regarding urgent issues plays a big role in improving not just business outcomes but worker safety as well.

Businesses use different ways of communicating with the staff; there are emails, newsletters, the company website and other similar channels. However, these channels do not work for urgent situations like outages or terrorist attacks. Some businesses have PA announcements, sirens and text alerts for emergency situations, but most of these are expensive standalone systems that are not very effective in reaching employees in different locations.

Companies must then look for mass notification systems that function not just tools for alerting during times of crises, but also double as solutions for improving internal communication. They must invest in mass notification systems that use many channels like SMS messaging, digital signage, corporate screensavers, and the like.

Benefits of Mass Notification Systems

1. Improve response times. A mass notification system can increase the effectiveness of your incident response team. Whether the issue at hand is a terrorist attack or a data security breach, the speed at which the incident response solutions are communicated can spell the difference between life and death, or the safety and misuse of your company information. Either way, mass notification solutions make the dissemination of information faster, so response teams can quickly act on the issue at hand.

2. Boost efficiency levels. How does your company cascade information to your staff? Are you still stuck in the era of the email? While email still has its merits, it has now been relegated to the background, because of information overload. Plus, employees have lost the sense of urgency when it comes to emails since not all of them are on their desks all the time. On the other hand, mobile alerts that are a part of an omni-channel notification system are instantly sent and read by the targeted audience. Quick dissemination of information allows departments and individual workers to quickly act upon the information to bring about positive outcomes.

3. Engage and align employees. In order for a business to achieve success, its employees must have their values and vision aligned with that of the organization. But how can this be possible if the workers are not aware of the company’s values and goals? This is especially pronounced in employees who work outside of the office, those out in the field who might be operating without knowledge of new policies or product updates. In fairness to businesses, they do try to communicate news and information, but their ways of doing so – meetings, email blasts, office bulletins – but these channels rarely communicate strategies in a timely manner that is easily understood by everyone. Mass notification systems allow sharing of information, goals and strategies in a timely and straight to the point manner through custom alerts.

4. Tighten up communication. Today’s workers use many different tools for communication – email, voice calls, instant messaging, SMS and what have you – which is why they spend a considerable amount of time sorting through these tools and looking for information. This can be very confusing, especially if the information needed is urgent. With mass notification systems, communication is better streamlined as employees refer to updates sent through the system.

Businesses do not need to go through the proverbial eye of the needle as they use different means of communication with the staff. Through effective mass communication systems, they can operate quicker and more efficiently.

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