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New Trends in Corporate Communication

Your corporate communications activities aren’t something you can just set and forget. Technology means that the way we communicate with others, professionally as well as personally, is constantly evolving. 

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Technology brings challenges as well as innovation, and it can be tempting to put new initiatives in the “too hard” basket. But if you don’t keep up with trends in corporate communications, your competitors will – and you risk being left behind in the dust. 

By regularly reviewing your communications tools and keeping abreast of what is happening in the wider world of corporate communications, you can ensure your business is implementing best practice in all of its communications. 

These are some of the biggest trends in corporate communication around at the moment. How many of these have you implemented? 

  1. Communication goes in many different directions 

Internal communications strategies are traditionally one-directional: that is, management communicates information to staff. 

More recently two-way communication has been considered to be a better way of doing things to help engage employees and improve workplace cultures. But now a trend is for peer-to-peer communication to be seen just as important as top-down and bottom-up strategies.   It makes good sense: improving communication on every level can only be good for your business. 

  1. Live video 

Video content has been big in corporate communications for the last few years, but live video takes it to the next level. 

Many brands and influencers are now using features live Facebook Live to communicate with their audiences. For internal communications, live streaming to your employees is a great way to make them feel included and engaged when you have events or announcements that it is physically impossible for everyone to be there for in person – for example you have staff spread out in different locations across the country or around the globe. 

  1. Alert notification systems 

Cutting through all the “noise” and “clutter” in the internal communications space can be difficult.  When your employees receive so many emails each day they can’t keep up and are too time-poor to search your intranet for new announcements, you need a better solution to ensure your important messages get through.

An alert notification system like DeskAlerts is an excellent solution. DeskAlerts sends messages in the form of a pop-up window direct to employees’ PC desktops, no matter what app or program they are using it will appear on top. Messages can’t be ignored or minimized so you know that your important information has been seen. 

  1. Treating employees as consumers 

Your organization has a range of stakeholders – clients and customers, partner agencies and the general public. It can be easy to overlook one of your most important groups of stakeholders – your employees. 

Focus on your employees and their satisfaction and wellbeing the same way you would treat customers. Happy, informed, engaged employees reflect better on your business than those who are poorly treated and miserable.

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