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Preventing Human Issues with Internet Security using DeskAlerts

The old saying “prevention is better than a cure” is certainly accurate when it comes to cybersecurity.




Putting measures in place to help your business avoid being a victim of cybercriminals is far less complicated and less costly than having to clean up the mess later on if you have a security crisis.

Your organization should have clear cyber security policies and procedures, and good security systems in place. But you can’t afford to overlook the weakest link in your cyber line of defense: your employees.

It’s estimated that around 59 per cent of cyber security breaches in the corporate world occur because employees click malicious links, fall victim to phishing scams or open suspicious email attachments.

So no matter what best practices you are following – up-to-date and patched software, not using unsupported software, installing firewalls, having the latest antivirus definitions – all it can take to bring your organization to its knees is a human error.

Educating your employees about their role and responsibilities in keeping corporate data safe should be a cornerstone of your cyber security planning.

DeskAlerts can help you to prevent human actions causing a cyber security breach by helping to build a culture of security awareness.

DeskAlerts is an innovative, cost-effective internal communications solution that can be used to send instant messages to your entire workforce – or custom, niche audiences within your workforce – that appear as pop-up windows on their screens.

The messages appear no matter what other software applications they are using at the time or if their screens are locked or in screensaver mode. Unlike emails, they can’t be ignored, lost or buried. Anyone who has ever run an internal communications campaign knows how hard it can be to get every employee to pay attention to critical information – DeskAlerts solves this problem.

You can utilize DeskAlerts to promote cyber security awareness in a range of ways:

Train your staff

No matter whether you are offering IT security training as part of the induction process for new employees or you have decided to launch a new training campaign, DeskAlerts is the perfect platform for delivery.

You can send cyber security training modules via video to those who need it, or simply point them to the area on your intranet site where the security training resources live.

You can also offer ongoing refresher training via DeskAlerts to those you recognize may need it – eg: they have been identified as posing a risk to security systems because of their carelessness. DeskAlerts can be targeted to individual employees or specific work teams.

Enhance your internal communications campaigns around cyber security by using DeskAlerts to send hints and tips.

Quiz your staff

DeskAlerts has a module that allows you to have quizzes and polls – this will give you a great idea of where the gaps are in your employees’ cyber security knowledge so you can work to address it.

Communicate about threats

Whether there is a global threat that could spread to your organization, or you are already under cyber attack, DeskAlerts will allow you to quickly communicate with your employees to encourage vigilance and give a step-by-step guide on what to do to keep your data safe.

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