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Mobile Alert Application: Reasons To Use It

The alert systems of yesteryear are different from the notification systems today. While older systems were primarily used to send notifications from HR or the communications department regarding emergencies and disasters, and outage reports and notifications from the IT department.

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On the other hand, these days, notification systems are no longer just focused on the two types of messages mentioned above. Because mass notification systems have become more affordable and accessible, businesses of different sizes and industries now utilize them for varied reasons. Also, technology has brought about a more efficient and effective notification system in the workplace – the mobile alert app.

Why Opt for A Mobile Alert System? 

Most employees now have access to at least one smart phone or mobile device. As a matter of fact, these tools have greatly improved work processes, has given more freedom and flexibility to employees, and has made staff members more engaged in their work.

Due to the proliferation of mobile devices, businesses have realized that employees are easier to communicate with if they are notified through these said tools. Managers and leaders know that staff members have a gadget or two which can be utilizaed to deliver alerts and important messages. This led to the utilization of the mobile alert app which can send messages to employees such as reminders regarding meetings with clients or important notes and updates regarding company policies and procedures. And fortunately, employees can now access all these alerts while on the go.

Here are some of the reasons why your organization should integrate a mobile alert app into your communication plan:

1. This solution creates a more effective response team

The faster a response team is able to find out information regarding an incident and act accordingly, the lower the risk of property destruction and loss of lives. Therefore, having a system in place that is both effective and efficient reduces the amount of wait time from hours to a few minutes. Through a mobile alert app, organizations are not only able to better prepare for emergencies and disasters, they can also ensure the safety of their staff members.

2. A mobile alert app is cost-effective

Because this tool is no longer as expensive as it used to be, businesses are now able to enjoy more of its benefits for a lower cost. These benefits extend to employees who are in different geographic locations or who are doing fieldwork. While in the past, companies had to spend a lot of funding on communication hardware such as walkie-talkies, they can now utilize mobile phones that employees already have and own. This allows them to communicate and send out urgent notifications to employees who would not have otherwise been reached except through other more expensive hardware in the past.

3. It improves and promotes collaboration

In this instance, collaboration is defined as the ability to share documents, files and other important records with other staff members or members of the team. Unlike walkie-talkies or other hardware utilized in the past, smart phones and mobile devices allow for this collaboration. Not only can files and documents be sent, employees and managers can also send URLs and website links that contain information that the receiver may need. Applications installed may also have the ability to connect to the cloud, which only furthers collaboration amongst staff.

Knowing all the above mentioned advantages, learn more about how mobile notification systems can improve your work processes by contacting DeskAlerts today.

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