The Benefits of Mass Notification with DeskAlerts

Caroline Duncan - Dec 13, 2017 1:00:10 PM

How prepared is your organization to deal with a critical situation that could severely impact the health, safety and wellbeing of your employees?


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Great employers understand the importance of keeping their people – their most valuable asset – safe during a crisis. Investing in systems and infrastructure that can be utilized during a crisis is a good start.

Every emergency situation is different, and will affect your business and your employees in different ways. Natural disasters, fires, terror attacks, active shooter situations and other emergencies can unfold with little warning.

A mass notification system, such as DeskAlerts, will allow you to quickly and easily communicate with your people during a crisis to alert them to the situation, provide instructions to keep them safe, and to keep them informed as the crisis unfolds.

Traditional warning systems such as sounds and sirens aren’t able to reach everyone and aren’t able to communicate what steps people should take next.

The benefits of DeskAlerts as your mass notification system include:

Ability to send in real time: Emergency and other critical notifications are time sensitive and need to be sent immediately.

You can easily access the user interface of DeskAlerts from any device, no matter where you are, to alert people quickly to the emergency situation at hand.

Ability to create templates in advance: DeskAlerts will enable you to create custom mass notification templates in advance – a feature that will save you valuable time during an emergency.

All you have to do is quickly fill in the template with the information relevant to the specific event you are experience and send.

Ability to see who has seen your messages: You waste valuable time in an emergency if you are making urgent phone calls to people to check that they are receiving emergency warnings.

With DeskAlerts, you can see which of your staff members have seen the mass notifications and which ones haven’t. This way you can follow up with those who haven’t indicated they have seen the notifications to check that they are ok.

Ability to send accurate information: The spread of misinformation during a crisis can often make the situation worse. For example, people might not think the situation is as serious as it actually is, or false information about where to take shelter could circulate.

With DeskAlerts, you can be assured you are providing your employees with accurate and up-to-date information as it comes to hand.

Ability to communicate with your entire organization at once: Modern day businesses often have diverse and complex structures. It might be that you have people who work remotely from home, people in the field, people in different offices in different cities, or maybe even spread out around the globe.

With DeskAlerts you can reach all of your employees at once, no matter where they are, to alert them to a critical situation such as the spread of a computer virus or to let them know there is a fire in a particular office.

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