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The Benefits of Positive Communication at Work

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 5:43:48 PM

Positive communication in the workplace is not only essential when it comes to increasing productivity and efficiency, but also to bolstering morale and engagement as well as strengthening working relationships.

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In any company, good communication skills are valued and encouraged – especially since today’s challenging business climate requires managers, entrepreneurs and employees to acquire these skills. Companies that want to find success are unlikely to find it if those who are part of it are not effective communicators.

Remember that while positive communication in the workplace can certainly do wonders, the opposite can be detrimental. While positive communication is informed, beneficial and relevant, but negative communication is unproductive, discouraging and defensive.

Here are some of the benefits of positive communication at work:

1. While negative communication depletes energy, positive communication boosts it

When we talk about energy in the workplace, we talk about it in a positive sense. Energy results in commitment, productivity, creativity and efficiency. Negative communication takes away energy, while positive communication in the workplace boosts it. For example, gossiping about an employee’s divorce depletes energy because focus is placed on something that is off-putting – i.e., gossip. On the other hand, commending a staff member for doing a job well done not only makes him or her feel valued, it actually boosts his or her energy, pushing her to work even better.

2. Positive communication breeds positive communication

Imagine working in an environment wherein everybody talks badly about everybody else, wherein people don’t trust their managers and colleagues, and wherein one is scolded for speaking up and giving their ideas. That work environment will simply continue on breeding negative communication practices. It will be an unpleasant place to work with, where employees feel so demoralized that they have no sense of wanting to be productive.

Positive communication in the workplace breeds positive communication. In as much as negativity can result in negativity, positivity can lead to positivity. Positivity makes the work environment much more pleasant, and empowers employees to be more productive, creative and efficient.

3. Positive communication improves and strengthens working relationships

While negative communication can lead to distrust, friction and frustration, positive communication results in confidence, transparency and resolve. Just think about the difference between a work environment that allows for the proliferation of gossiping and backbiting versus a work environment that promotes camaraderie amongst employees and between managers and staff members.

4. It boosts employee morale and engagement

Negative communication makes people less committed to the people they work with and the company they work for. After all, why would anyone dedicate themselves to an organization that isn’t doing things for the benefit of their employees? Why would anyone want to expose themselves to constantly being bashed or talked about in a negative way by their colleagues?

On the other hand, commending someone for a job well done, and acknowledging a person for contributing to the success of the company go a long way. Positive communication in the workplace helps people feel that they truly belong and that their contributions are valued. It may be as simple as a few words of encouragement or a positive feedback, or even as big as an award for one’s hard work.

5. It spills over to how employees interact with clients and potential customers

Positive communication spills over from the workplace into the interactions of employees with clients and potential customers. If the dynamics behind the scenes are horrible and challenging, it is difficult to cover the dysfunction in front of clients. The negativity will spill over.

On the other hand, positive communication is apparent and evident from smooth operations and pleasant interactions between staff members and clients.

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