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The Benefits of the DeskAlerts Emergency Notification Shortcut Tool

When your company finds itself in the midst of an emergency situation, every second counts when it comes to responding and alerting your employees to danger.



Many organizations around the world have turned to DeskAlerts as an alerting solution to communicate urgently with employees during an emergency situation.

Emails and other traditional communication methods are unreliable in an emergency situation when you need people to act, and act fast.

Fires, active shooters, terrorist attacks, natural disasters , gas leaks, chemical spills and other life-threatening situations can affect your organization when you least expect it. When disaster strikes you need to let your employees know what’s happening and, if possible, give urgent instructions such as shelter in place or evacuate.

DeskAlerts sends emergency notifications straight to employees’ computer desktop screens in the form of a pop-up window. No matter what they are working on, or even if the machine is locked or in screen-saver mode, the emergency alert will appear and give directions.

The staff member with delegation to send these alerts simply has to fill in the relevant information about the incident in a template that is prepared ahead of time, and send the information quickly.

A new feature that DeskAlerts has recently introduced makes it even easier to send emergency communications even more quickly – saving valuable time.

In the user dashboard that powers DeskAlerts, you can now set a new “panic button” which is effectively a shortcut that you can press to send out critical notifications to your employees instantly.

You can have the panic button on your desktop or access it via an app meaning you’ll always have it on hand, even if you are away from your desk when you need to send out urgent communication.

By being able to react instantly you can potentially save the lives of your employees.

The panic button and sending emergency alerts should form part of your organization’s comprehensive emergency preparedness plans.

And by conducting training and education, including drills, before an actual emergency takes place, your staff will completely understand what the emergency alert means and what is expected of them in that situation.

You have complete control over which staff members receive the alerts by setting custom audience. For example if you have an emergency situation in City A, your employees in Cities B and C will not receive the warnings.

The software is highly customizable, from how the alert notifications look through to which part of the employees’ screens they appear on. You get to decide.

DeskAlerts has a statistics module that enables you to see which staff members have received the emergency alert, and which ones haven’t seen it. When there is a critical situation this lets you follow up with those staff who haven’t seen your notification to determine if they are safe or not.

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