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The Benefits of Using Official Screensaver Desktop in the Office

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 5:46:51 PM

An organization or business’s workplace can be a huge reflection of the group’s values and culture. Every working day, the team members or employees conduct their affairs and tasks in their workplace. If there’s anything that would reflect the real identity of an organization, it is the space where its businesses are carried out; in its offices, work stations, conference rooms.

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This puts a huge importance on how the workplace should be designed. Employees and organization members should see the values of their organization in their offices and workstations. The corporate identity of the organization should also be used displayed in key locations of the workplace, such as entrances, conference areas, and even individual workstations.

One way of integrating the corporate identity in individual workstations is by using corporate screensaver desktop in the personal computers inside the office. Using official screensaver desktops is an ambient way of pushing the corporate identity and brand of the organization towards its employees, and people who get to visit the company’s workplace. It exudes a sense of consistency and strength towards its people. Imagine having a meeting with stakeholders inside a conference room. Having the organization’s logo and identity displayed inside the conference room gives assurance to the stakeholders that they are dealing with a legitimate organization which takes its corporate identity and brand seriously.

Aside from displaying the corporate brand and identity, a corporate screensaver desktop can also push important announcements and updates to its employees through the screensaver. This way, the timeliness and promptness of the delivery of the messages down the line will be maximized and delays will be avoided. This also provides an efficient and sure fire way of delivering your messages, like schedule of appointments and internal notes that will reach everyone who uses their own desktop computers and workstations.

It can be argued that messages can be delivered through official lines like the corporate e-mail system. However, messages tend to get buried in e-mail inboxes, and individual employees each use different priority systems when it comes to the mail they receive. With a corporate screensaver desktop, the messages that are streamed from the internal communications team will surely will be definitely displayed in all the connected terminals and computers.

Also, as a second home to the employees, it is fitting to reinforce the corporate identity to the people in the organization. Official desktop displays with the company logo is a reminder that the place the employees are in is a sacred shrine dedicated to official businesses and transactions for the progress of the whole company. Constantly seeing the company logo in their workplaces will reinforce the idea that they are representing a company whenever they deal with business partners like suppliers, contractors and investors.

It is also not just about seeing the logo constantly that reminds them of the company that they work for, seeing the logo and messages from the company also serves as a reminder to the corporate values that the organization holds. While most companies use corporate screensaver desktops to display their logos, company values, mission, vision, and milestones can also be showcased to constantly motivate employees in giving their best in the work they do. Seeing these important company information and history encourages employees to take part in be part in the process of achieving for the organization.

Finally, corporate screensaver desktops are cost-efficient alternatives to many company functions. It’s an instant message relay system, a motivational tool, and an advertising and marketing medium. Installing this system does not cost much, and just required an eye for smart design for desktops, wallpapers, and screensaver slides. A lot of sectors in the organization will appreciate a crisp and proud format of official screensaver desktops.

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