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The Corporate Screensaver as a Channel for Mass Notifications

Caroline Duncan - Dec 12, 2017 4:58:34 PM

You might think that the humble screensaver has had its day – but think again. If you have many PC screens in your organization, are you getting the most out of them?


Corporate Screensaver


Originally created to prevent the “burn in” of images on older style cathode ray tube monitor screens, screensavers seem almost obsolete these days with LCD monitors.

While you don’t need screensavers for this, they are actually a remarkable internal communications tool and an effective channel for mass notifications.

Think about it – depending on the size of your organization you have dozens, maybe hundreds, maybe thousands of screens making up your computer network. Imagine that these screens could be deployed at the touch of a button to communicate your important messages?

That’s what a corporate screensaver does. You can transform blank, idle screens into a network of digital billboards.

A corporate screensaver can be as sophisticated or as pared-down as you like. You can use it to display messages in a text format, or be more creative and use animations, videos, graphics and photos.

As a mass communication tool, it just makes good sense. Your employees spend so much time behind their desks, you know you can reach them there with your messages.

Advantages of a corporate screensaver as a mass notifications channel include:

1. It can relay important information to everyone in your company

Whatever information you need to communicate will appear on everyone’s desktop screens.

2. It helps get around the problem of email overload

If you’ve ever relied on email as an internal communications medium, you’ll know just how unreliable it is. People have so many emails cluttering their inboxes and not enough time to deal with them that email communications frequently go unopened and unread.

3. It’s more dynamic

A corporate screensaver will allow you to create more dynamic messages with eye-catching visual elements.

4. Compliment your internal communications campaign efforts

Having multiple facets to a communications campaign helps to reinforce your messaging: the more your employees hear or see something, the more likely it is they will recall the message. Add a corporate screensaver element as part of your campaigns to assist with recall.

5. Build hype

You can use the corporate screensaver to help build anticipation or hype – for example to use it to count down to an event or an announcement.

6. Customize your audience

If you have specific messaging that you want to target to particular departments, work teams, geographic locations or even individuals you can customize and target them with the corporate screensaver of your choice.

7. It’s cost-effective

A corporate screen saver is a relatively cheap communications tool. You save money by utilizing your existing IT infrastructure as a delivery system for your messages.

8. It promotes your values

Whatever your company values are, you can remind your employees via your screensaver.

9. It is consistent with your branding

Your corporate screensaver can be an important part of your branding – whenever someone sees an idle computer screen within your organization it will look uniform and promote your company.

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