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Why You Need an Email Alert System

The reasons why most companies utilize email as a channel to communicate are this technological tool is easy to use and not intrusive, it allows for more flexibility, and they allow for more thought as it the medium doesn’t require immediate responses like phone calls or face-to-face interactions.

alert notification system

However, despite the efficiency of emails, there are particular problems with the said technology that need to be pointed out.

The Cons of Email 

While people still use email, people are slowly turning to other platforms that they deem more efficient and effective. They believe that the following are the problems that are related to the use of email:


People can experience email burnout, especially since hundreds of emails can get into one’s inbox all at once. Not only are there memos and reminders sent via email, conversational email threads, reports and even irrelevant spam messages are sent to one’s inbox. Because of this overload, some people opt to ignore and disregard messages, leaving them unopened and unread, instead of sifting through hundreds and hundreds of email.

Gaps in communication

Because people can interpret messages differently than how senders intended messages to be read, content can be misinterpreted. Misinterpretation can then lead to conflict, friction and issues that could lead to disharmony in the workplace.

The Solution: An Email Alert System

While some are looking into other technological tools to communicate with staff members, there is still no denying how effective and useful email is. However, due to the problems that go along with it, companies need solutions to overcome these issues.

Luckily, the existence of an email alert system allows for more efficiency when it comes to communicating through email. The said system is an application that notifies staff members when email messages come in. Much like how you get a notification on your phone when an SMS message is sent to you, this tool notifies you of new messages even if you are unable to check your inbox or if you don’t have your mailbox open.

Aside from its capability to notify you of new messages, you can also customize your alerts according to the format that works best for you. You can opt to have the system display what a message is about so you can quickly scan through it to determine its urgency and importance.

Also, because of its pop-up feature, an email alert system notifies you of messages without disrupting you if you are working on your computer. If you are in the midst of a meeting, you can also opt to mute your pop-up alerts so that your flow of thought is not disrupted.

Other Functions of the System

Aside from notifying you of new messages, an email alert system can also have the following functions that may prove to be useful to your organization:


An important feedback tool, surveys enable you to determine how engaged and motivated your employees are, and what they think about the company and its policies. Through this system, you can be notified should clients and staff members answer surveys that you have sent out.

Capability to Classify Email Messages

You can customize your email alert system to classify your email according to importance, depending on the sender of the message. For example, an email sent by the CEO of the company can be classified as high priority email.

Monitor the Network

This system also enables the IT department to closely monitor the network through alerts. When a report of a tech issue is sent, or a virus is detected in the network, the IT team will be notified.

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