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Why You Need an Enterprise Communication System

Keeping your employees informed so that they understand your corporate priorities and can share in your news, achievements and milestones helps to ensure you have a cohesive team all working towards the same strategic outcomes. Good internal communication practices also have a direct link to boosted employee engagement which in turn will ensure your company has higher levels of staff retention, productivity, profitability and morale.

Employee communications in big corporate


Unfortunately, many companies have poor internal communication or no internal communication at all. They fail to see the inherent value in ensuring a good flow of communication that’s directed inwards, preferring instead to focus their communications efforts externally for the purposes of marketing and public relations.

Internal communications, if done properly, can actually help to shape your external communications. Employees who are informed, believe in the work your company is doing, understand your key messages and are engaged are more likely than those who are disengaged to be good ambassadors for your brand.

If you’ve not concentrated on internal communications before, or if your efforts to date have felt like they haven’t been doing enough, there is much you can do – and it doesn’t need to be daunting.

In conjunction with developing a comprehensive internal communication strategy, you should determine frequency and methods of communication with your staff. You’ll need to do a little bit of research to ensure you’re addressing the gaps that your employees may perceive they have in the information flow coming from management. Then you need to set about determining the best way to deliver information to your people.

An enterprise communication system is the best place to start. This is a software system that you can deploy to deliver your internal communications to your employees. There are many different options on the market with many different features and functions, at many different price points. Finding the right fit for your organization is obviously crucial.

Many businesses around the world, in different industries, have invested in and deployed DeskAlerts as their enterprise communication system to communicate with their staff.

DeskAlerts is an internal communications software solution with a range of different functions that all have the same goal: to keep your employees informed, engaged and on message.

Primarily this tool is used to send pop-up notifications straight to employee desktops, bypassing the email system. Messages appear on your employees’ screens in a way that cannot be skipped or ignored, giving you peace of mind that your communications have actually been delivered and seen. Messages will appear even if the screens are locked, in standby or in screensaver modes.

The messages can be sent in plain text, or by using a variety of multimedia formats such as Flash, images or video. You can embed HTML into the messages to direct people to further information elsewhere such as your company website, intranet or social media channels.

You are able to customize templates and audiences to give your messages the look and feel you desire, and ensure you are communicating with the most relevant people.

DeskAlerts is ready to install straight out of the box, or you can work with the team of professionals to customize the tool to suit your specific needs, for an extra fee.

Other features of DeskAlerts help make it a powerful all-round enterprise communication system that will get your employees’ attention. This includes:

Emergency alerts: Use the system to communicate urgent information with your people during an emergency situation. You can provide them with information on what steps to take such as having to evacuate or shelter-in-place. The system can be integrated with other emergency systems such as alarms and sirens, or the color code system used by hospitals.

Desktop ticker: This is a scrolling ticker that appears on employees’ screens, in whatever place you want it to appear (many people set it to appear at the bottom). It has the same format as the news ticker you see on television during news programs. You can display headlines or short summaries of information on a variety of topics and even include hyperlinks so your employees can find out more details.

RSVP function: When you need to get a response to an event in a reliable way, send invitations as a pop-up using DeskAlerts and your employees can simply respond on the spot.

Surveys, polls, quizzes: When you need to gather information fast, the surveys, polls and quizzes module on DeskAlerts will let you gauge your employees’ opinions. Whether you want to find out where people would like to go for a team lunch, quiz the knowledge they’ve retained in a recent training session, or conduct an opinion survey, DeskAlerts is the tool for the job. You can see results in real time and be sure that your employees have received the notification to provide you feedback.

Corporate screensaver: Take control of the computer screens in your organization by displaying custom screensavers which can reinforce your internal communications efforts.

Digital signage: Similar to the concept of the screensaver, you can turn any screen in your organization, such as TV screens, into digital billboards promoting your initiatives, your brand, and deliver key messages.

Corporate wallpaper: The background on your employees’ computer screens is often wasted real estate. With DeskAlerts you can create a custom wallpaper that reinforces, in a passive way, key information you want your employees to remember. Good things to include are emergency procedures, important phone numbers, messages from HR or the IT help desk.

Newsletters: Forget subscribing to multiple services to deliver your internal communications, DeskAlerts can be used to create and send custom internal newsletters that look professional and read easily.

Apps: DeskAlerts can be received on virtually any smartphone or tablet via an app that is available from both the iTunes and Google Apps stores. The app can be used to push notifications to these devices ensuring your employees are still in the loop even if they aren’t sitting at their PC.

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