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Nine Internal Newsletter Content Ideas to Try in Your Company Newsletter

Are you in the process of coming up with an internal newsletter for your organization, or evaluating the current publication in hopes of making it more appealing to the target readers?

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Here are some internal newsletter content ideas that you may want to consider:

1. Letter from the Company President or Other Executive

Not a lot of internal newsletters dedicate a space for the company president or another executive, unless when there’s important news that the leadership would like to share with the rest of the organization. Some newsletters also carry a message from the president or CEO during certain times of the year, like the holidays or at the start of the year.

But have you considered giving a regular column for the CEO or any other executive? The big boss doesn’t even have to share news about the company all the time. He can share short stories that can underline a value that the firm espouses.

Letters from the big bosses can humanize the management, and make the employees feel that their leaders are approachable.

2. Success Stories/Customer Spotlights

Does your company have clients it has grown with through the years? A successful firm that has benefited from the loans it gained can be a great feature on a financial institution’s internal newsletter. Or the benefits that a software program has provided to a small business may be featured on the internal newsletter of an IT company.

3. Employee Spotlight or Profile

Like executive letters, employee spotlight or profile can humanize workers. There are lots of stories about employees that their colleagues would be interested to read, like the hobbies and activities they pursue during the weekends. Or perhaps a story about second-generation employees and how it feels to work about the same company that their parents used to be with. There are lots of stories that can be shared for this section.

4. Classic Reprints

If the company newsletter has been around for a while, then it might be a good internal newsletter content idea to re-publish old photos or articles. Think of a section title like “Blast from the Past” that will show how things used to be a decade or so ago. This section idea is great in a pinch, but may become too bland or uninteresting if done on a regular basis.

5. Infographics

If you’re short on stories and you have lots of space to cover, then you can do an infographics section. There are lots of statistics that you can publish about your company, products or industry that may be of interest to your target readers, like the number of female and male employees in the firm, or the number of employees aged 30 and under, 40 and over, and so forth.

Even the company’s products can be presented through infographics. For example, a bank may want to increase awareness of its employees on its products by having an infographics about its time deposit, savings account, trust deposits, and other savings/ investment vehicles. An IT vendor, meanwhile, can reiterate the good features of the software it is selling by coming up with an infographics section on its internal newsletter.

6. Surveys

One of the best ways to solicit feedback is to run a survey or poll on the internal newsletter. Management may want to utilize the company’s internal newsletter to get the pulse of employees on certain issues, like the theme for the upcoming Christmas party. Asking the employees what they want can also increase the engagement levels of the workers, making them happier and more likely to work harder towards the achievements of organizational goals.

7. Event Calendars

If you are running out of internal newsletter content ideas, then ask the human resources group or the corporate planning office for a list of activities coming up in the next two to three months.

This should be a good way to hype up activities in the next few weeks, so employees will have something to look forward to. Activities like conferences and expos, employee sports fests and the like are among those that can included in this section.

8. Giveaway and contests

Employees will be more likely to read a newsletter if they will get something out of it. You can offer token prizes like restaurant vouchers, concert or movie tickets for winners of simple contests that you can conduct through the newsletter.

9. Photos, Photos, Photos

One time tested internal newsletter content idea is to put more photos on the publication. You can show more behind-the-scenes at your business, a recent event, or workers in a certain department. Employees would love to see more of themselves.

These are just nine exciting internal newsletter content ideas that you can toy with if you want your readers to start reading your publication.

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