Improving Call Center Operations with Digital Signage Solutions

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 1:01:31 PM

Call centers are a godsend to businesses that have a high need for company-customer interaction. They offer customer service, troubleshooting, accounts management, sales and pretty much everything else. For a call center to be up and running optimally, it has to have the required technology and tools - automatic dialers, IVR systems, workforce management software, computer telephony integration applications and digital signage solutions.

Do you need digital signage solutions?

Your center might be performing well, but you can do better with digital signage. Originally used for advertising, digital signage has come to be used in various applications in different industries, all with optimum results. Still not convinced? Here are some digital signage solution applications that will help drive productivity in your call center:

1. Metrics Display. For supervisors and managers, being updated regularly regarding the statistics of their agents and teams is a priority. This is so they could make adjustments about what needs to be done – whether it’s pulling out an agent from phone time to do immediate coaching, or a rerouting of calls due to the drop in the service levels and other decisions that need to be made at the moment.

2. Tools for Management. Higher-level management needs transparency, especially those whose duties involve managing operations that intersect with other lines of businesses such as marketing, sales and even product development. Through digital signage solutions, they can easily look at how the various lines of businesses progress, and what pain points each line experiences so they could easily come up with solutions to issues that may hamper customer service.

3. Real-time Reporting. Data analysis is an important part of running a call center. However, reports are not the responsibility of the managers themselves , but are generated by designated people and teams. There are end-of-day, end-of-week and end-of month reports, but by the time these reports are passed on to the managers, a significant amount of time has already passed. With digital signage showing the numbers and statistics real-time, managers and business leaders can see the trends as they happen. This allows managers to intervene during critical situations and make better forecasts to drive greater efficiency and better customer service and satisfaction.

4. Agent Motivation. Call center life is fast-paced and dynamic. However, even the best agents get bored with the work they do, taking calls day in and day out. To prevent turnover and to keep your agents at their best all the time, you need to motivate them. Push your agents to put up their A-game all the time by displaying live team stats on digital screens. People by nature are competitive, so doing this will surely put the fire back in their bellies. Couple this with attractive prizes and incentives and you are guaranteed to bring about teamwork and a renewed zeal for the work your agents do. The better they perform, the higher the satisfaction they will give their customers.

5. Training and Reminders. Call centers are bustling hubs of activity. In the hustle to answer customer issues and concerns, agents tend to forget and neglect scheduled meetings or coaching and up-training sessions. While emails still remain an important part of internal communication, nobody can deny that emails more often than not take the backseat. By using digital displays, your center can post policy updates, urgent news or training reminders in plain sight of everyone on the floor – leaving non-compliant agents no excuse.

Without doubt, digital signage is one of the best tools you can use in your call center. Communicate important details better, save on printing costs and deliver the right message at the right and drive your agents to do their best with digital signage solutions.

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