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Why Your Company Needs Internal Newsletter?

Nowadays, people are often looking for the next work opportunity. They no longer work the rest of their lives in the first company they start with. They often get restless and easily feel disengaged with their jobs and the organizations they work for. Because of the challenges of employee engagement, many companies do their utmost to look for ways to keep their staff members happy and motivated. They constantly concoct strategies to boost morale and productivity. And one of the most effective ways to keep staff members in the loop, updated and engaged is the internal company newsletter.

When done properly, an internal company newsletter can humanize a company and its management. An effective employee newsletter has the personal touch staff members seek. This is important because this creates strong internal lines of communication amongst people who work in the company. When lines of communication are strong within an organization, employees are able to align themselves and their efforts with the objectives of the company. This alignment then helps support the organization’s journey to success.

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Here are some of the most apparent reasons why your internal company newsletter matters:

1. To inform employees regarding news and updates that are important and relevant to them

Well-informed employees are more likely to be engaged and productive employees. An internal company newsletter is one of the best communication tools in the workplace to inform and update employees regarding news that are important and relevant to them. Information regarding new offerings, policies and procedures, as well as training programs being offered by the company to its workforce are particularly interesting and relevant to your staff members.

2. To announce positive and uplifting news about employees

Aside from informing your staff members regarding news about the company, employees also like reading news about themselves and their peers. Announce news such as birthdays and even congratulatory wedding announcements to add a personal touch to your newsletters.

Remember that your newsletter should have a positive tone and should be centred on your employees. Feature content that will make them feel inspired, happy and valued.

3. To give your employees a voice

Use your newsletter as an opportunity for your staff members to be heard. The most important thing to remember when creating a newsletter is that it should be primarily focused on your workforce, and who else better knows what your staff members are interested in than your employees themselves.

Some companies give their employees the task of creating a newsletter, while others take into account how busy their workers already are and simply give them the chance to contribute to the newsletter. You can create a regular column or section dedicated to the writings of employees. You can also invite employees to send in article and topic ideas for the newsletter. By doing these things, your staff members will feel that you value what they think, and that they truly are contributing in their own way to the betterment of the company.

4. To expand and further the mission, vision and values of your organization

While you may have already explicitly informed your employees regarding the mission, vision and values of the company, they will tend to forget them as they do their daily tasks. In order to ensure that they always have your mission, vision and values in mind, it is a good idea to constantly include them in your internal company newsletter. This reminds your employees of why your company is a good organization to work for, and it also helps them align their work efforts with the overall core objectives and values of the business.

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