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12 Best Internal Communications Conferences And Events To Attend


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Continuous professional development is necessary if you want to keep up with current trends in the internal communications space.Conferences and events are a great way to learn about new and emerging issues and discover how thought leaders across the industry have overcome challenges in their organizations – it’s also a fantastic way to network and meet new people who can be valuable in your career growth.


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There are many events that internal communications professionals could consider attending in 2020 … here are some of the best:


1. Corporate Culture 2020, 6 February, Toronto Canada.

This conference is focused on building a strong workplace culture and delivering a great employee experience, to ensure you have good levels of engagement and your organization therefore attracts the top talent.


Speakers include:

  • Angela Shafer – Early Career Segment Lead, Strategy and Integration, MD Financial Management
  • Brady Wilson – Thought Leader, Author, Co-Founder Juice Inc
  • Cheryl Fullerton – Executive Vice President, People and Communications, Corus Entertainment
  • Kate Russell – HR Lead, Services, Customer Success and Diversity and Inclusion, Microsoft Canada


2. 9th Annual Internal Communications and Situational Messaging Conference, 19-20 February, Phoenix USA.

Leaders in internal communication from Fortune 1000 companies come together to learn how to build strong internal comms programs to develop a unified workforce. Explore trends in technology to overcome information overload and reach workers who are diverse and located in many different places.


Speakers include:

  • Chuck King – Senior Director Communications, Honeywell Aerospace
  • Cathryn Baker – Executive Communications Manager, Indeed
  • John Shea, Director Internal Communications, Amtrak
  • Jessica Taylor – Director, Internal Communications, PetSmart


3. EX Impact 2020, 26-28 February, Orlando USA

The theme of the summit this year is “Employee 3.0: People and Communities – Creating Unique Employee Experiences for Your Organization. This summit is focused on employee engagement and ways to overcome obstacles in the modern workplace to create a people-centered culture.


Speakers include:

  • Winter Washington – Director, Talent and Culture, Chubb
  • Karen D. Weeks – VP of People, OrderGroove
  • Ara Tucker – VP, Head of Talent and Culture, Audible
  • Kevin Finke – Owner and Chief Storyteller Experience, Willow LLC

4. Gartner Digital Workplace Summit, 16-17 March, Phoenix USA

Leading research and advisory firm Gartner is hosting this summit to explore digital trends in workplace communications and engagement and how you can fully prepare for and implement a digital workplace.


Speakers include:

  • Patty McCord – Former Chief Talent Officer, Netflix
  • Nike Walsh – CEO Tomorrow, a Consulting Agency
  • Nikos Dragos – VP Analyst, Gartner
  • Emily Rose McRae – Director, Quantitative Analytics and Data, Gartner

5. 2020 Employee Engagement and Retention Summit, 24-26 March, Atlanta USA

Workforces are changing in demographics, with millennials more likely to eschew job stability and company loyalty that older generations have previously sought out.  Cultural fit and positive experiences as employees are more likely to make this cohort remain with a company.  Learn how to prioritize the employee experience and engagement to attract and keep the best people in your industry.


Speakers include:

  • Maigen Rowe – Director Global Employee Experience, Allegion
  • Scott Dimmick – Chief Human Resources Officer, Lakeland Regional Health
  • Christopher Rotolo – VP Talent Management and Organization Development, PepsiCo
  • Angela J. White –SVP Teammate Experience, SunTrust Bank


6. 8th Annual Internal Communications Conference 2020, 25-26 March, London UK

Designed for internal communications executives, this conference will explore the modern communications landscape and how internal comms occupies a space within it.  Explore global trends and challenges, digital transformation, employee engagement issues and find solutions to boost productivity, manage change effectively and create a compelling employee experience.


Speakers include:

  • Andy Smither – Global Onboarding Senior Manager, Salesforce
  • Claire Vivyan-Roberts – Head of Employee Communications and Experience, Visa Europe
  • Sanjoy Mukherjee-Richardson – Head of Internal Communications and Engagement, BBC News
  • Gihan Abdel-Magid Hyde – Communication Adviser , BP


7. Strategic Internal Communications for a Diverse and Remote Workforce, 21-23 April, New Orleans USA

Find out how other companies are overcoming the challenges of connecting with employees born in different generations, from diverse cultures, and working in non-traditional non-desk roles.


Speakers include:

  • Alex Ytuarte – Vice President, Internal Communications, American Express
  • Leigh Ann Christovich – Assistant Vice President, Internal Communications, Ochsner
  • Brandon Danels – National Accounts Territory Manager, Marathon
  • Michelle Bolda – Senior Partner, Rogue Services Solutions


8. Future Comms 2020, 29-30 April, New York USA

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is rapid change and keeping up with it. Effective internal communications can help to navigate change, and also build organizations from within so they are more competitive and agile. This conference will help you to develop an actionable strategy, design a modern, digital workplace with connected employees and measure your impact by using analytics and data.


The speaker list is still to be confirmed.


9. PSRA Connect 2020, 13-15 May, Charlotte North Carolina USA

Explore proven insights from successful internal communicators to keep internal audiences informed, inspired, entertained and engaged. This conference will also look at the latest digital trends and provide opportunities to discuss challenges and ideas.


Speakers include:

  • Paola Storchi – Knowledge management specialist, UNICEF
  • Chuck Grose – Founder, iCology’
  • Stephen Welsh – Director, Archetypical
  • Kelli Newman – Director of Internal Communications, Piedmont Healthcare


10. Corporate Affairs Summit, 20-21 May, Sydney Australia

The audience members at this annual summit are screened for seniority to ensure you’re networking with the right people as you explore the factors that are influencing and affecting corporate affairs and communications.


Speakers include:

  • Jim Kennedy – Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer, NewsCorp
  • Damon Jones – Vice President Global Communications and Advocacy, Procter & Gamble
  • Jerilan Greene – Chief Communications and Public Affairs Officer, Yum! Brands
  • Dr Zoe Hibbert – Head of Corporate Relations, Visa


11. IABC World Conference 2020, 14-17 June, Chicago USA

Hosted by the prestigious International Association of Business Communicators, this year’s world conference is focused on the latest trends, solutions and ideas facing professional communicators.


Speakers include:

  • Abigail Posner – Brand strategist at Google
  • Carmen Simon – The Neuroscience of Engagement

Further speakers are to be confirmed.


12. Human Capital Institute 2020 Employee Engagement Conference, 27-29 July, Chicago USA

Discover the latest tools and analytics being used to improve the experiences of employees in other organizations and how you can implement these in your workplace to transform it into a top-performing organization.


Speakers include:

  • Joe Dicianno – Consultant, Talent Management and Organizational Development – University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  • Chuck Feltz – CEO, Human Capital Institite
  • Tim Fox – Senior Manager of HR Systems and Quality Assurance – Penske Truck Leasing
  • Sheri Harper – Chief People Officer, Frisch’s Restaurants Inc.


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