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Corporate Desktop Wallpaper: An Often Overlooked Communication Channel

Anton Vdovin - Sep 21, 2017 1:15:46 PM

The desktop wallpaper may seem mundane to the casual computer user, but clever corporate communicators understand how it can be used as a means to communicate with the rest of the organization. After all, a computer wallpaper is so ubiquitous in the office that it would be imprudent for the internal communications team not to use it as a communication medium.

Aiding the corporate communications team in harnessing PC wallpaper as a communication medium is the emergence of the corporate desktop wallpaper software. These are programs that enable an enterprise to manage and customize the desktop background of their employees’ computers. With a corporate desktop wallpaper software, companies can send key information such as announcements, event reminders, and even emergency alerts to the computer desktops of employees.

Corporate Desktop Wallpaper


There are certain features and characteristics of the corporate desktop that make it an ideal communication channel in the office.

One is that the computer desktop is always visible to employees, especially to office-based workers. It is unlike other traditional communication channels such as the corporate newsletter or even the email, which has to be browsed and opened by the employees first before they get to know the information coming from the management.

Because the computer desktop is always seen by employees, then it follows that workers will be able to see and read messages from the management. There’s no way for employees to miss relevant information from the leadership, such as news about the company’s financial performance to reminders about an upcoming corporate product launch.

The fact that corporate desktops can be customized is another reason why it is deemed as an effective communication channel in the corporate world. The background image can be changed as often as the corporate communications group wants with the use of a corporate desktop wallpaper software. JPEG images containing news about the company, motivational quotes, or even ads can be displayed as the computer desktop background. The corporate desktop wallpaper software can also set how frequent these images will be used as the desktop background.

Corporate desktop wallpaper software can also report on the message delivery status, which is very important to corporate communicators. By tracking how many employees have received the messages sent to their desktops, corporate communications teams will have a way of measuring the effectiveness of their internal communication campaigns.

Message delivery status not only serves as a way for the corporate communications crew to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. It can also tell them which employees have yet to receive the message. Thus, the software can continue to display the message on the desktop of the employee until the latter has read or been notified about it.

This feature is very important during emergencies, where time-sensitive information should be passed on to as many people as possible. By being able to determine which worker has yet to learn of a weather disturbance alert, the company’s communications or emergency response team will be able to find other ways of getting to the uninformed employee.

Key Tool

Definitely, the key to making the computer desktop an effective communication medium in the office is having a corporate desktop wallpaper software. Without this program, it will be difficult or impossible to harness the immense potential of the PC desktop as a communication tool.

While there are many vendors of this type of program, internal communications teams must look for a software that is easy to deploy. Moreover the ideal software should be easy to use that even non-IT personnel would be able to manage the system.

The computer desktop, indeed, has become an integral part of an internal communications strategy thanks to the deployment of corporate wallpaper programs.

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