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DeskAlerts Solutions for Education

"DeskAlerts is deployed to every employee workstation and student computer on campus as part of a mandatory application installation. If I was contacted regarding alert systems, I would absolutely recommend DeskAlerts."

Joe Zitnik


Deliver desktop messages, e-mails, SMS across the campus

Modern students use a wide range of technologies and devices including desktops, laptops, and cell phones. Our society faced difficulties in delivering information simply and effectively direct to their devices. Did you know that over 90% of college students have cell phones? With DeskAlerts you may reach students at any places, just send them SMS.

DeskAlerts is a one-way, completely web-based notification system. It allows sending out desktop alerts that can't be ignored, set aside, or deleted. DeskAlerts system provides detailed tracking and reporting, so you can be sure everyone gets the message.

educational alert

Internal hosting allows enhance control and protection, centralized data storage provides full data control and easy back-ups. Schedule routine alerts for a fixed time and date in the future. Send alerts to students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, etc.

Make sure everyone is on the same page

  • Campus news
  • Upcoming events
  • IT system downtime
  • Fire drills
  • Weather Advisories
  • Terrorist Alerts
  • School Closings
  • Changes in school hours

Maximize productivity and minimize frustration

  • Teachers may easily send reminders, instructions directly to their students.
  • Has IT issues? Need assistance? No problem, teachers may send a request directly to their tech support team. This provides a much quicker and more effective approach than sending students out of the class to locate staff.

DeskAlerts is a fully branded solution. Use your LOGO, colors to grab attention of your staff and students.


Our Clients:

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