How to Keep Your Employees Safe at Work

Anton Vdovin - Sep 22, 2017 2:18:15 PM

Different organizations have different requirements, but the one thing they will have in common is their need to invest in an emergency mass notification system. Not only does this system help you become more prepared, it also gives you the ability to contact everyone in the company in the quickest most efficient way possible when crises do occur.


As a leader of your organization, you have the responsibility to keep your employees protected and informed with emergencies and disasters occur – no matter where they are. If you don’t have a system in place, it will be very difficult to do this.

Here are some of the things you need to remember in order to keep you employees safe in the workplace:

1. Invest on an emergency mass notification system

This helps you prepare for any emergency in the workplace – whether it be a natural calamity or man-made threat. It is likely the determinant of whether or not your employees stay safe and protected.

2. Have a policy and procedure guide in place

In as much as company should invest in an emergency mass notification system, it should also have a policy and procedure guide in place. This guide will outline the hazards and potential threats in the workplace, as well as consequential plan should these dangers occur. When you hire new employees, make sure to go over this guide with them, and make sure that they always have access to this guide. It is also necessary to frequently go over the said guide with your employees especially if there are changes made to it or if there have been alterations made in the workplace.

3. Be aware of the threats

Accept that threats and dangers are part of reality. They can happen anywhere. Fires can break out, severe weather changes can occur, and even active shooting incidents can happen. Being in denial about these realities can be the riskiest tactic of all. Denying that threats and dangers could occur in the workplace lead to unpreparedness, which could result in tragedy.

Teach employees that they should have presence of mind at all times. They should pay attention to suspicious behaviours, and to minor occurrences and incidents that may result in more major ones. Tell your staff members that they should never be afraid to let you know of their concerns and that they should never be afraid to report to management. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

4. Train and teach

Once you have an emergency mass notification system, make sure that you train and teach your employees how to react and behave should unforeseen incidents and threats occur. Having an emergency action plan simply isn’t enough – it has to be put into practice. Every quarter or at least every six months, make sure that you schedule drills with your employees so that they know what to do for particular emergencies and disasters.

One perk that you can also provide to employees is to provide them with a basic safety and self-defense course. Remember that it is better to be prepared before an actual incident occurs, than to be scrambling when it happens.

5. Find leaders within the team

Assign people within the team who you believe can serve as captains and coordinators when emergencies occur. Make sure to choose those who can maintain calm and composure even during times of panic.

6. Get advice from experts

No one knows how to handle emergencies better than those who have to deal with these situations every single day. Law enforcement officials, as well as health officials can offer their suggestions and even courses as to how to keep your workplace sage. Find someone within your local area who can provide you with the necessary knowledge and skill you need. After all, while staying protected in the safest and most effective way possible can be difficult, an expert will know the best strategies to take.

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