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How to Resolve Common IT Problems with DeskAlerts

Information Technology problems can cost your organization a lot of time and money.


While you can’t prevent every single problem from occurring, you can put measures in place to be prepared for when the inevitable happens. By having strategies and tools ready to go, you can save time – and stress.

DeskAlerts is an extremely useful tool you can deploy in times of significant information technology issues to help you save calls to your computer help desk, letting your IT staff get on with the job of solving the problem instead of answering multiple telephone calls and repeating the same information.

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These are some of the most common IT problems that DeskAlerts can assist with:

Scheduled downtime

Organizations routinely take their systems off line to perform essential network maintenance and upgrades. While this is usually done at a time it will cause the least amount of disruption to staff, this isn’t always feasible.

When you know in advance that you are going to have a scheduled outage, you can use DeskAlerts ahead of time to communicate with your employees. This way they will know ahead of times that they will need to save work and make other plans for when they have no access to the network.

With DeskAlerts, you can schedule reminders in advance so you can repeatedly let staff know your system will be going offline. For example, let them know a week before, a day before, an hour before and then five minutes before the outage occurs.

Unscheduled downtime

Without a crystal ball, you would have no way of knowing when your systems might go down at times you haven’t scheduled. This can include networks going down, problems accessing specific applications or loss of email and internet access.

With DeskAlerts you can send messages to any affected staff letting them know that you have identified an issue and are working on a solution - sparing your help desk staff from being burdened. Keep your employees constantly updated and let them know when there are developments and an estimated time of restoration.


Malware, viruses and ransomware are a very real and very costly problem for many businesses. Quite often, the source of the problem comes from employees opening suspicious attachments and clicking on links that take them to malicious websites.

DeskAlerts can help to deliver education and awareness campaigns to your staff, teaching them to be vigilant.

It can also be used if there is a known attack so you can immediately let all staff know what to do to help minimize the spread.

Network security

The security of your network is critical for your organization. Unfortunately you can become the target of hackers – or your systems could become compromised because of a phishing scheme.

Again, you can use DeskAlerts to deliver education campaigns to your staff to highlight the importance of keeping passwords secure and being alert to phishing attempts.

With DeskAlerts you can even deliver video content if you’d like to get the message out to your staff in that format. You can also sent hyperlinks to drive staff to information on your intranet site.

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