How to Tell If Your Internal Communications Campaign Is Successful

Caroline Duncan - Sep 22, 2017 1:12:37 PM

Internal communications is an important aspect to every organization’s success. It influences key areas such as employee satisfaction, performance, engagement and retention. The more your employees are able to align with strategic business goals, rates of successful customer service and, therefore also revenue, are also known to increase.

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When you are involved in internal communications activities, it’s important to measure their success. A measurement metric should be built into any internal communications campaign – something that many internal communicators fail to do.

Measuring the success of your campaign can not only be useful for reporting to senior management, but can help you to determine the effectiveness of the methods you have been using within your organization.

This is especially important if you have had a budget associated with your campaign: if you aren’t going to measure your results, you might just be wasting your money!

There are a variety of ways to measure your success, from tracking email open rates when you send newsletters and other important emails, through to tracking page counts on company intranet and enterprize social media sites. If you’re sharing on an internal platform that allows likes, shares and comments, has it been generating any?

This basic measurement provides a pretty good snapshot of where the gaps are in your internal communications activities - whether you’re doing an audit of your existing internal communications activities or evaluating a specific campaign.

In doing so you’ll also need statistics to benchmark against to see how you’re doing. What are the email open rates for internal communications among top organizations? What is the norm for your industry? The same also applies for intranet page views and enterprize social media engagement.

And if it seems a bit disheartening to find that 100 per cent open rates on emails are not the norm in your industry, there is a solution.

You are sending internal communications information because it is important that every single employee should see it and act upon it if necessary. With DeskAlerts, you can ensure your employees never miss an internal message again.

The system works by sending messages to employees’ desktops or other devices in a way that cannot be ignored. You can direct them to intranet information if you need to. The system will provide you with real-time monitoring so you can see who has seen your information and who hasn’t.

Because internal communication affects many aspects of your company, you can also use other markers to measure your success.

Were there any specific actions you wanted your employees to take when you communicated to them (for example, using new templates)? Can you measure the uptake?

Have your sales increased or decreased?

Are your employees productive and performing well?

How abut recruitment and retention rates? Are you recruiting less because you are keeping high performing staff?

You can also run staff satisfaction surveys as well as client satisfaction surveys.

Getting a handle on all of these aspects will help you to determine where to concentrate your efforts in internal communications in the future – both the platforms you use and also the messaging that you deploy.





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