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How to Improve Bank's Internal Communications?

DeskAlerts desktop alert notifications help improve bank security and the employees’ ability to access the policies and information they are required to use for daily duties.

Bank employees benefit from the ability to communicate directly with fellow employees within the building or throughout the entire organization using a desktop alert. They may be set to allow employees who are having difficulty with loans or other issues the ability to communicate their troubles and pinpoint causes. Intranet and internet availability means remote employees are able to access instant help for increased productivity.

Bank Communications Using Desktop Alert Notices

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Bank presidents are able to use a desktop alert to notify staff of potential problems that may arise with the company. By doing so, they are able to take a proactive stance rather and continue working to remedy the problem rather than spend time fielding calls and emails regarding the changes.

10 Illustrative Examples of the Need for an Instantaneous Communication System:

  • A planned outage of the company intranet system.
  • Security breach either of the system or the brick and mortar building.
  • New changes for accounts or loans.
  • A virus attack on one or more computers within the system.
  • Service updates and changes.
  • Safe computing information and policies.
  • Information regarding company or internet security.
  • Technology updates that will change user experience.
  • Education and training.
  • Emergency or disaster recovery.

Communication from the bank president or administration can be set to communicate these changes or outages in advance using preset or recurring messages. Updated policies and software which may relate to changes will be required to make will be easily communicated. Links to pages within the company that explain new procedures can be included in notifications sent to all employees. Records can be created to ensure links are accessed prior to implementation.

The Value of Desktop Alert Notifications

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Problems may occur which need to be immediately transmitted through various desktop alert notifications methods. A ticker can be useful for updating staff of the status and progress. Messages may be interactive, allowing employees the ability to respond and report. The ability to discuss possible solutions in real time serves to reduce frustration and expedite their application.

Intranet and The DeskAlerts Desktop Alert System

Target staff using the desktop alert system via the intranet system within the company. The ability to transmit messages that cut through and force through applications already open on the computer is one benefit of this notification system. Tickers may be transmitted using custom settings and pushed out to ensure they are read. Recurrence almost guarantees messages will be seen, and this can easily be customized for individuals, to groups, or to everyone.

Desktop Alert Feedback

Delivering a quiz via a desktop alert gives employees the opportunity to respond. In this scenario, employers may want to discover the understanding of a new loan or perhaps learn more about the problems or positive experiences they are having. Generating a quiz and recording the results provides insight that can be used to improve the overall system. Delivering these via an instant messenger system keeps them from being lost as often happens with traditional email delivery. They generally link to a page that can be instantly accessed, providing a higher response rate. Recurrence may be set to remind those who have not responded to do so. Staff members appreciate the ability to provide input on policies and software that they are required to use to perform their jobs. This interaction also is beneficial for improving relationships within different departments.

DeskAlerts Desktop Alert System Reduces Pressure on Employees and Resources


Ways these can be implemented include wallpapers, screensavers, interactive alerts and quizzes designed to educate staff. Informing staff where they can access information regarding laws, policies and even problems with their software can be hyperlinked within the alerts. A layering service is a popular method to communicate change or information. Wallpapers or screensavers may be set with upcoming changes and followed up with a quiz to ensure employees understand implementation procedures prior to the change taking effect.

Using a Desktop Alert System for Essential Communication and Notifications

A desktop alert system is almost mandatory for companies who use an intranet or internet system. Technology continues to advance making old policies and software obsolete, while improving productivity. Keeping employees up to date with these changes can be a daunting task. Resources are often stretched, making this a valuable tool for gathering information and relaying existing material sources to employees. Mass communication of expected outages, improvements and updates helps to alleviate much of the expected and unexpected stress that can follow. The ability to contact instantly fellow staff members to communicate problems and updates using desktop alerts is essential to the workplace.

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