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Internal Communication Trends to Follow

While your internal communication strategies is not always about following trends, it is extremely important that you meet your employees where they are. Trends express what employees want at the moment, and what they need in order to feel more engaged with the company they work for. Ultimately, trends are about executing communication approaches that will not only help you communicate with your employees better, but will improve productivity and creativity in the workplace.

Here are some of the internal communication trends you may want to integrate into your own internal communication strategies:

1. Intranet Blog

Your external blog is of course useful when it comes to promoting your business to customers and potential clients. Not only does it establish your authority in your industry, it also informs people about your company and the products and/or services you are offering. On the other hand, your intranet blog (which is exclusive to those who work for the company) can be useful when it comes to sharing important information to your staff members, and can greatly enhance your internal communication strategies.

Aside from featuring reminders regarding upcoming events, you can also use your intranet to inform your employees regarding policies, programs and company offerings. It can also include safety protocols and downloadable forms that you can fill out for leave requests or even two week notices.

2. Videos

Although written communication is still important, a lot of organizations have discovered that video has many advantages when it comes to relaying important information. Video isn’t just about creativity. It is about being able to show how work processes are accomplished, especially if particular procedures are supposed to be done in a particular way and if steps are complicated.

When videos are used strategically, they are able to draw in staff members and enhance employee engagement and productivity.

3. Employee calendar

One of the tools you can integrate into your internal communication strategies is the employee calendar. Aside from being a centralized space to keep up with important dates such as meetings and deadlines, it also helps you with critical scheduling issues such as when managers will be back from vacation or until when holiday breaks will be. Employee calendars help you keep track of upcoming appointments and helps you inform your staff members about payroll changes.

This tool is the best and easiest tool to use for employees to access any date-related information that is relevant to them.

4. Multi-Channel experiences

Instead of simply utilizing one channel to communicate with others in the workplace, employees today choose to communicate through various platforms. This trend is only set to grow through the years. Information can be accessed through different channels, such as desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets, and applications become even more diverse depending on the technology.

5. Integrated activity streams or news feeds

Facebook has 1.55 billion active users, and 63 percent of social media users say they typically get their news from sites such as Twitter and Facebook. These statistics show the change in how people want to receive news and updates – and that is, users today tend to go for integrated activity streams or news feeds. What companies can do is to integrate and implement this functionality into their intranet in order to engage employees. Companies who are on a tight budget can even opt to slowly release information and share them through the news feed instead of publishing their own printed newsletters.

Aside from providing real-time news, news feeds also allow for two-way conversations by giving employees options to comment and give their feedback on messages being relayed.

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