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Using Technology to Increase Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the measurement in which employees are emotionally invested in the company they work for. The more engaged they are to the organization, the more likely they are to stay with the company, be productive and work beyond what their particular job calls for.

Generally, employee engagement has increased over the years; however, where it sits at 33% can still be improved. One way of increasing employee engagement is by integrating technology into the internal communications strategy within the company.

Internal communications strategy

Here are some of the ways technology can be used to increase employee engagement:

1. Allows employees to see “the big picture”.

An plan that integrates technology allows employees to see and understand what the company is envisioning for itself and its staff members. Workflow timelines can be shared through different collaborative software, email alert software and even through a mass notification system.

When employees know what is going on and is working towards the same goal, they become more productive. Letting workers in on what the company is working towards will make them feel like a part of the team. In turn, workers then feel more emotionally invested in something that they truly feel a part of.

2. Makes collaboration easier.

Collaboration is the most vital pillar of employee engagement. When people are able to work with each other, and when they are made to feel like they are an important member of the team, they feel more emotionally invested in whatever project they are working on.

Through software that allows for tasks to be laid out and shared, collaborators are able to make note of the tasks that they’ve accomplished, as well as the tasks that others have done. Aside from improving communication, collaboration done through technology also improves productivity, motivates workers to do their best, and enables staff members to be accountable.

3. Promotes timely communication.

Because technology allows for swift messaging and quick responses, employee engagement increases because communication becomes timely. Staff members are able to relay their ideas and concerns to their managers, and managers are able to quickly respond to them. There is no delay in response or action.

4. Encourages feedback.

Technology enables freer flowing interaction between executives, managers, and both new hires and old staff members.

Because employee engagement is all about emotional investment, technology such as an employee online portal can instantly make new hires feel like a part of the team, and can make old employees continue to feel connected to the ever-changing company. Technological tools such as an employee online portal can enable co-workers to get to know each other even before they get to work on a project together.

5. Access to survey templates, and allows for the creation of surveys.

When done correctly, surveys can especially be enticing for employees who want to get more involved with how things are run in the company.

Technology allows for the creation of scheduled surveys with the help of employee survey templates, as well as the easy gathering and analysis of metrics and statistics after the surveys have been handed in.

6. Strengthens relationships.

Technology can strengthen relationships – especially between staff member and manager.

Managers can be mentors to their staff members, and technology can certainly further this idea. Through particular systems and software, managers can send their staff members motivational messages in order to get them through particular tasks; email and text reminders can be set up to remind everyone of birthdays and work anniversaries; and discussions can be held online regarding work, especially when staff members need the guidance and help of their managers.

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