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Keep Your Employees Connected with an SMS Alert System

Why is internal communication important?

More than just talking about deliverables over a cup of coffee at the pantry, internal communication is the process and the discipline of sharing information and reaching a mutual understanding between management and employees. However, not everyone understands what effective internal communication is.

internal communication

Communication becomes effective only if the goals of the company are explained thoroughly by management and understood perfectly by the workforce. Additionally, it must be understood that communication is a two-way street; the trickling down of information from management to the bottom line can hardly be called effective. For effective communication to take place, management must also listen to the employees and take into consideration their suggestions and insight about operations and how the company is run.

The advancements and developments in technology have given rise to the steady growth of tools that aim to facilitate and develop effective communication in organizations.

Going Mobile

The rise of mobility has given businesses a new way to improve its efficiencies and increase productivity, customer satisfaction, revenues and profits. By allowing workers more flexibility and freedom to work while on the go, Mobility has helped businesses work toward achieving their goals and targets more efficiently in a shorter period of time.

Leveraging on this technology, internal communications solutions providers have come up with ways and means to speed up operations by ensuring effective communication in the workplace.

One of these solutions is the SMS alert system that key industry player DeskAlerts offers to businesses and other institutions

Why SMS?

The workforce of today is more mobile, with employees carrying out their tasks while on the go. While greater mobility has made a positive impact on many operational processes, it has negative implications on internal communication. It is true that the deployment of wireless capabilities has given workers anytime anywhere access to the internet and to company resources, but we cannot deny the fact that wireless networks have latency points too. A company that communicates mainly through email might not be able to get through to staff working in the field where connection may be intermittent, or at worst, non-existent.

DeskAlerts understands the issues that the companies of today face and has introduced the mobile alert system to allow management to communicate with staff even when they are in different geographical locations.

DeskAlerts SMS Alert System: The Benefits

Aside from allowing management to send customized messages to target recipients regardless of their location, the SM alert solution also has the following benefits:

  1. Saves time. Email is a gift from the gods of technology. Bestowed upon us mere mortals, the email has made communication within the organization better, compared to the time when all business communications were made through written or printed announcements. However, times are changing, and email is starting to generate a lot of noise. Although it once occupied a big part of the attention of workers, email now tends to be ignored or missed. Why waste time writing a long email that will just be part of your recipients’ inbox clutter? By using the DeskAlerts SMS alert system, you can create and send out important announcements and notifications in a matter of minutes.
  2. Saves money. Messages and information sent and received through mobile text messaging is said to save each employee an estimate of 30 minutes per day. If you had 100 employees, you could save 50 hours per day or 12550 hours per year. In business, time is money. By saving management time an SMS alert solution also helps businesses save money.
  3. Engages employees. More than half of today’s workforce is composed of millenials, those born between the 1980s to the early 2000s. This generation was born and has grown up alongside the development of cutting edge technology. As such, they expect the workplace to provide them with technological tools that will help them accomplish their tasks and deliverables and contribute to the company’s goals. Failure to offer these technological tools and solutions can cause high turnover, with the best talents going to rival companies instead. By investing in DeskAlerts SMS alert system, you increase your chances of attracting new talent and retaining existing employees by engaging them through messages, announcements and information delivered through mobile channels.

DeskAlerts mobile messaging solution allows businesses, no matter how big or small, deliver important updates, announcements and other information necessary for the smooth running of operations. Through SMS alerts and notifications, you can ensure that your employees stay not only connected to the organization but also engaged at the work they do.

Do not let mobility cripple your internal communications. Use DeskAlerts messaging capabilities and rest assured that your workers stay within reach even as they work in various sites and locations.

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