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Measuring Employee Engagement

Communicating with employees is one of the important things that management must do in order to engage the workforce, improve customer satisfaction and grow a company’s revenue.

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Reliable and meaningful data are required in order to make a determination of how engaged employees are in the company they work for. Now only will these key drivers aid in the assessment of engagement, but they can also be used to develop methods of communicating with employees and driving engagement even further.

Here are some of the top factors known to drive employee engagement:

1. Recognizing a task that is performed well

According to studies, recognition for a job well done by managers to staff member greatly affect employee engagement. When communicating with employees, the more appreciation, praise and recognition a staff member gets from his or her manager, the more engaged he or she is.

2. Opportunities for growth

Employees expect to grow and advance in the work they do and in the company they work for. When employees feel that there are opportunities for growth in the company they work for, they are more likely to stay and work hard; on the flipside, if they don’t feel that they can advance in the company, they are more likely to seek employment elsewhere.

3. The type of managers in a company

More than the pay and benefits, employees stay in or leave a company based on the type of management the said business has. After all, as the old saying goes, “People quit their bosses, not their jobs.”

4. A company’s purpose and objectives

When communicating with employees about the vision, mission and strategies of the company, management has to do so in such a way that they let staff members know their importance in fulfilling these things. The more employees feel valued, the more likely they will feel engaged and will want to contribute.

5. Job satisfaction

Do employees like what they do? Are they given tasks that they do well in? Remember that the more an employee is given a chance to feel fulfilled and to excel, the more engaged he or she is.

Steps in Measuring Employee Engagement

When measuring how engaged your employees are to their work and to the company, take note of the following steps:

1. Opt for the proper employee engagement survey

Make sure that you utilize an employee engagement survey that is customized to fit the needs of employees and the priorities of the business. If you can help it, do not use general surveys.

2. Make an assessment based on drivers of the company and personal drivers of staff members

The factors that are important and drive the company and its workforce might be generally the same; however, take into account that they may prioritize these drivers differently.

3. Develop objective surveys

In order to develop objective surveys, it is important to get a third party provider to administer them. This will ensure that questions and results will be neutral and objective, and not influenced by any ideals or beliefs by people within the organization.

4. Track employee performance and compare with engagement

While it is assumed that high levels of engagement means positive employee performances, you should track the level of employee engagement so that you may be able to continuously improve on your strategies. Track issues such as turnovers, customer satisfaction, revenue, retention and others.

If you need help with measuring your employee engagement, contact us, DeskAlerts, one of the most reputable and trusted internal communications solutions providers in the world. We service more than 700 clients, from varying industries. 

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