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How Mobile Alert App Is Changing Communication in the Corporate World

Speed is everything in the business world. Companies scramble to deliver a product or service in the shortest time possible. The same goes in the corporate setting, with business communicators aiming to deliver a message to an intended recipient in the fastest way possible. This is the reason why mobile alert app has become very important in today’s corporate world.

A mobile alert app can be used in different ways. Companies wanting to increase their sales and boost their profits can use it to promote their products and services. Internal communicators who want to share information with the rest of the organization can also send mobile alerts to their employees.

Here are some of the ways by which mobile alert app is changing communication in the corporate environment:

1. Sending time-based messages to employees

Employees who are in a remote location may not be aware of an impending disaster like storms, hurricane, and other weather disturbances. They don’t have any computer where they can read email advisories from their employers. But as long as they have a mobile phone, they can get urgent messages from the management.

Employees can receive these messages through their smartphone devices, whether it’s an Apple or Android device. A mobile alert system can also send an urgent message through text messaging, which bodes well for people who don’t have data connection.

2. Sending advisories to workers

Advisories which aren’t as urgent as weather advisories but have to be received by employees in the shortest possible time may also be coursed through a mobile alert. These messages may range from traffic re-routing, changes in work schedule, and even advisories on newly-launched products and services. By informing employees right away, employers can ensure that their workers will be able to attend to their office tasks well.

3. Grow a company’s business

A mobile alert app can also be harnessed as a marketing tool by companies. Firms that would want increased mileage for their products and services can use mobile alerts as a platform to promote any type of product or service.

For example, a communications firm can promote a new data connection promo by sending mobile alerts to target customers. In turn, the recipient would be able to know about the promo after receiving the said mobile notification.

Aside from promoting products and services, SMS and mobile app marketing allows firms to send special offers, upsell higher margin products, beat off-peak downtime, and even inform customers of locations and office hours.

Companies can tailor-fit the messages to their intended recipients, sending alerts to prospective clients depending on their profile (age, gender, social status, and purchasing power). Marketing personnel can use mobile alerts to create focused campaigns, and track response rates from various marketing campaigns.

4. Generate leads

Businesses can also generate leads by sending mobile alerts. In the past, companies would entice prospective customers to text a keyword to a certain number. In return, they’ll get information on the new product offerings, promos, and other services that the company is offering.

Companies can also make it easier to provide information to people, sending links for sign up forms, download pages, or address of their websites where prospective customers can get more information about the company or the product or service it offers.

Indeed, a mobile alert app can be a very powerful communication tool for reaching both internal and external publics. Business communicators and marketing executives should be wise enough to tap a mobile alert system to be able to reach out to a greater number of people who own mobile devices.

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